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Visit the official Xanthus Inc homepage at http://Xanthus.Net for official Xanthus information. Here on WikiWorld things are more informal and personal. It is information in the state of becoming.

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Xanthus was founded by [[1]] people and the EIES Legacy NJIT.

What we do:

Exceed customer expectations in InformationTechnology for critical BusinessProcessSystems in order to improve OrganizationalProductivity

How we do IT:

You can start with a free [S.W.O.T.] analysis that will identify your IT BusinessProcessSystems 'S'trengths, 'W'eaknesses, 'O'pportunities and 'T'hreats. We offer this free service because we are convinced that once you see the value we can provide your business you will come back to us to fill your InformationTechnologyGaps.

Who we are:

We are total information systems solution providers, we provide highly cost effective solutions integrating best of breed Open Source tools with our clients enterprise using XML and WebServices Architecture.

Our partners at [[|http://StratITech.com Medianow||http://www.medianow.com]] can provide the sizzle while we build the guts that together present your enterprise effectively and integrate your business model with the Internet end to end. Much of our development has been in cooperation with Medianow. |http://infovation.com brings in knowledge management, financial and business process expertise. StraiITech focuses on reliable, redundant, secure and mobile systems. These companies comprise the MIX group, a power team that is anxious to help you solve the most challenging of your business problems.

We have developed world-class software solutions behind the scenes for companies and universities like:

  • AT
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