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The pages of WikiWorld form the combined voice of the WE. The WE is made of everyone, every single human, that has, is, and will be communicating with their fellow humans. This sites articles are a snapshot of the internal dialog of the WE. Here, everyone can write about whatever interest them. If others are interested in that concept, it will then be editted and added to in true Wiki fashion.

What kind of topics are most suitable for WikiWorld?

WikiWorld's core concept is a humanist one. *we* are interested in enabling everyone to live TheGoodLife. Therefore, pages and articles on how *we* might be able to do this are the most welcomed. However, as there are many voices in the WE, other topics are also welcome. As long as people are interested, the page will grow and prosper, in true Wiki fashion. There are a bunch of sub-wikis on WikiWorld listed on HomePage, you can add your topic there.

What style should I use?

Whatever you are the most comfortable. This is a wiki site, so this means anyone else can come in and edit and change what you write. And they will, from time to time. Hopefully, they will improve it. Sometimes, they won't. We are pretty friendly around here, and try to operate on the ConsensusByDefault concept. Basically, if people agree with you, they'll leave the page be. If they object or want to refine something, they'll add or even refactor it as they believe. If your good idea gets zapped, but you think it has merit, don't give up. Raise the issue again. On that page, or on a discussion tab of that page. Or start a new one discussing the matter.

Some of us think it is a good strategy to express an agreement by joining the speaker discretly, changing his I in our we, adding some refinements. A disagreement in their opinion is expressed by reformulating the rejected opinion in an objective manner, in combination with the dissenting opinion itself.

This sentence itself is an exemple: Some of us think that ...

Another exemple is found in the next paragraph: There is no concensus currently on how these page categories (article and talk) will be used in the future. Some stongly feel that topic matter and discussion should be separated.)

What's the difference between article and discussion tabs?

Some of us see no difference. Ideally, discussions on the page's subject should be in the page, discussions related to the page (ie, should this page be refactored?) should be in the discussion tab, and unrelated discussions/topics should be located on there own dedicated pages. However, this is far from an ideal world, so we tend to have everything tossed together, particularly the oldest pages and subjects that existed prior to WikiWorld. When time constraints and the nature of Wiki pages to drift apart are factored in, most contributors to WikiWorld prefer to follow as simple a format for as possible. You aren't required to, its just what some people find works for them.

Others of us will make a difference in the function of article-pages and talk-pages. This wiki software is MediaWiki. It's a good software, developed particularly for Wikipedia. That is a site dedicated to being a free encyclopedia. Their articles need to be objective. So they created a new tab, called discussion, where they would have their talks and debates on what should go into their article. Most of WikiWorld articles aren't meant to be encyclopedic in nature. Indeed, many are of philosophical in nature. As a consequence, many of the articles invite or even ask for debate. On such pages, the discussion page is the place for sidebars (ie, talking about how to refactor a page to make it more concise, for instance, or whether its time to break out minor issues threatening to take on a life of their own, or explaining why a section of the article has been spun off into a new page). WikiWorld can make use of the difference, wherein article -pages are pointed to the outside world, and talk-pages are used for the internal dialog, in principle.

Should I sign? Where should I sign?

Should you sign your contributions? The answer is if you want to, go ahead.

See wiki-signature for more information.

The discussion on a talk page tips

  • Click the discussion link, if it is a new page, and a title and/or signiture is desired, type == title ~~~ == to create a title followed by your comment.
  • If you are replying to something specific in the article, you may want to copy and paste it at the beginning and add you reply below.
  • If you are moving a beginning discussion from an article-page to a talk-page, the best strategy is to delete the starting discussion text from the original article and replace it with a link to the talk page.
    We have a template to help with this linking:

    |link = namespace:pagename
    |header = the header above the discussion
    |text = eventually the text that is discussed}}.

    That will show as e.g. (Link to discussion date in header? Alle van Meeteren related to the text:~~~ or ~~~~).
    Another template helps to make a link from the discussion to the relevant place:

    |link = namespace:pagename
    |header = the header for the text
    |text = eventually the text that is discussed}}.

    This template will show e.g.
    This discussion is related to
Writing on WikiWorld#The discussion on a talk page tips ~~~ or ~~~~
  • If the discussion page already exists, add new topics using the tab on top of the page and add replies using (edit) at the right of the section you are replying to, and start your reply with ==== ~~~ subtitle if any ==== so that it will show nicely in the table of contents.
  • Summeries/synthesis may be added at the beginning allowing the stuff in the middle to get stale.
  • Dated discussion may be moved to a history page.

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