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The survival of our planet depends on the collaboation of its nations. The means of collaboration can be barbaric or civilized. It is our choice. Us controlling the world leads to war not collboration. We cannot expect anyone to respect international law, if we the superpower deny it for our own actions and then tries to demands it for the actions of others. It would not kill us to obay international law but it could save us from a lot of justifyable contempt..

Zero controls on our actions internationally while regulating the morality of our citizens is rediculous. We attract the rich crooks who buy and sell our foreign policy. It is time to start behaiving morally internationally. Acting lawfully is the first requirement (with well defined exceptions).

Some of the US action in Afghanistan actions was resonable and legal. That is america at it's best. But it too will backfire if we continue being the international bully.

Woodrow Wilson fought for a league of nations to end war after world war one. He was able to convince the world, but not the US, the US left the league powerless by not granting it authority. The US had the power to lead an organization that, by its power, could make war obsoltete. But we chose not to, like the chinese, we thought we could be isolationists. After world war 2, the united nations was set up for the same purpose, this time the illution that isolationism could work for us was dispelled. This time our policy has been that everbody else must obey the UN except us. It is still a joke, and those that oppose our actions know they have no civilized recourse. No nation feels bound to international law since the US is self appointed dictator of the world giving no real power to the UN.

America believes in the decentralizarion of power. We do not think world cgovernment can dictate to the nations, or nations to the states, or states to the counties, or counties to the towns. We believe in self-determination of all peoples and oppose outside control.

World government has no business in the conscentual mutual affairs between nations. But when one nation feels it must impose it's will on another, if we are to be civilized, that becomes subject to world scruteny of the world court and united nations. Together they provide a balance of power that can be applied to protect the safety ans soverency of all nations in a world without war if the forse of america is put behind it.

Just as the militia, in principle, limits government power over the the US government over individuals, if world government fails to protect our individuals and uphold our principles, the threat of unalateral action by the US may be needed to keep the UN honest. Such action by the US, however, must be according to US law and the balance of power in the US, not the whim of the president or director of the CIA.

The record of our forcefull interventions is appauling. We have been and continue to be the worlds bully. Sometimes our intensions were well meaning, other times they were motivated by corporate and other special interests. In either case, they often back fired and those we supported became our enemies and our actions turned the general populous against us. Repairing our image will not be easy. It will take some affirmative action. Recognizing international law is a necessary step.

Ask any child if the US should bully the world and ignore international law. It is not rocket science. We fought the image of the ugly american in the 60s and envisioned a world of peice and harmony. We were deluded. The roots of our arrogance and denial run deep. We may save the tiger and the whale, but we fail to see the humanity in palastanians. We fail to recognize them as the magnificent amimals they are. We fail to regard them as our brothers. We fail to feel their pain. We support the indescriminant reprisals of Isreal. The average american would feel proud should we annhilate them, yet we can't understand why they hate us so.

Can we here agree that it is worth while to improve our image internationally and international babarism cannot be tolerated for ourselves or other nations, and a civilized system of international law should be supported by the US?

We can support Isreal also, but not the babaric vengence they perpetuate on the palistanians. An eye for an eye leads only to universal blindness.

We are victums of our own propaganda. I once dreamed of training a beaver to kill Kruschef. I thought the world would be safe without him. I now respect him and can see the good he did for the USSR. Us and them thinking leads to war. We must join the other civilized peaceful people of the world to make peace. Together we have that power.

Behavioral science has proven that positive reinforsement works, punishment only breads contempt. Let us defend ourselves, but not breed the contempt that endangers us in the first place. Let our collective intelligence lead us to actions that will save us, not destroy us.

See StopWar UglyAmerican

Jim, you have so many contradictions in this, it is not even funny. I'm sure something empassioned you to make it, but its base level needs re-analysis and refactoring.

  1. Woodrow couldn't sell the League of Nations to the US Congress because our Congress did not want an outside body having the ability to make us go to war again. The US people were tired of war. Congress also did not want to make any power higher then themselves, as they were the law makers for the US people. Therefore, the US didn't sign onto the League of Nations.
  1. The UN was made purely to offset the USSR. The US, being the financial heavyweight of the UN (and we still are) specified it got all sorts of extra powers and say so in the UN. This isn't unusual. If you've ever roomated a few times with people, it's the exact same thing. The person who has their name on the lease, the one whos pays the majority of the bills, gets their way. How would you like to be told by your roomies that you have move to a closet because they took a vote while you were busy making the money to pay for their rent, and they voted themselves the biggest bedroom? Get real... it's the same attitude we have with the UN right now. It's purpose was to keep the USSR from swallowing all of Europe. We should look at setting up a real WorldGovernment structure, rather then a US apartment if we want a WorldGovernment (which the USA Government does not want).
  1. The deal between the Israelis and the Palenstines is purely a religious war. No religious war can ever be settled without a 'fundumental' change of religious practices. Period. If the world was to go and make a Palenstinian state, not one less Palenstine or Israeli would survive because of it. The only options WE have are: Genocide (kill all of one side or the other), Total removal and re-educating all the infants and sterilizing all the HumanAnimals left behind, or stay out of it. That's the problem with religious wars. No reason will suffice as the base reason for fighting is not based on any logical reasoning. If for no other reason, Wars would never stop so long as there is any religion in the world. So long as there is religion, there will be at least two people that do not agree on it. So long as one of those two people think that they have GreaterEmpowerment to the GreaterTruth, they will war on those living the DeludedLife to protect their religion.
  1. The US fears, and rightly, placing itself under the consensus of the World. The reasons is simple... there is only ONE country in the world where an individual has the right to speak and think as they please, and that's the USA. There is only one country in the world where the people are in charge, ans that's the USA. Go do a real look at the other 'Democratic Replublics', and you will find that we are extreme. We believe in the Human Rights of the Individual. If it wasn't for the US and its citizens, there wouldn't be anywhere in the world that believed in Human Rights. The common majority of the world's governments are against our basic way of life within our borders. These things all have the effect of making our Government feel that it has the only Greater Truth, which makes it see and rationalize things eerily similar to religious matters/wars (see above).
  1. So long as there are two different viewpoints in the world, there will be disagreements. So long as both sides of that disagreement are empassioned enough to fight to back up their side, there will be War. LogicalWars are fought over scare resources that are needed by at least one side (and the second not willing to just hand over the resource). Life determines who the best living entity is by War. War in nature is called SurvivalOfTheFittest. As HumanAnimals, so long as we are part of Nature, we will make War. All we can hope to do is to limit our War to small brushfires. If we limit our Warring too much, we are in danger of creating such a strain on our natural competitiveness, that when the strain of maintaining Peace grows too much and we do War, we could annihilate ourselves. A proper War, as an event in history, is just like a WildFire in a forest. It is part of the natural cycle of civilizations, helping local civilizations grow stronger or weaker. So long as there are two or more humans living in occasional contact with each other, there will be War.
  1. There is no proper militia in the USA anymore. There are no citizen bands capable of fighting an modern army as equals or near equals. The federal government makes sure of that. Any citizen militia it thinks is becoming capable, it destroys, jails (for life, when it can), or chases out of the country.
  1. Behavioural science shows we need to cull the herd. Naughty boys and girls (you know, that 25% 'rebel' group that won't play along with the group and cannot obtain a SocietalLeadDog role) should be put to death, cleanly and quickly, as they obtain their good reward behaviour by raping, pillaging, etc. The 'bad' act itself is their own positive reward with its drug like (or superior) rush. Do this, and all of society should fall into line, according to your behavioural science, as 25% will always follow the rule, 25% will follow to be part of the group, 25% can be forced, and the 25% that won't play along (natural criminal/rebels) are dead. Be careful what you preach...
  1. CollectiveIntelligence - haven't you already shown that there is no such thing as CollectiveIntelligence in humans? The more humans you get together, the stupidier they get, as the dynamics of a group are not driven by logic or reason, but it is instead driven by ego and selfish needs? The Internet is the world's largest CollectiveIntelligence. It has a bonaza of intelligence on how to turn our world and societies into a sustainable thing. But what is it everyone does with the Internet? Why, we jerk off to porn while scamming or being scammed on how to make a buck. There is your CollectiveIntelligence of the HumanAnimal, in all its glory.
  1. There are no Civilized Peaceful People. Get over it, and stop being a hippy dreamer. Power corrupts. We know that. We know why (People are selfish, and will rationalize/justify doing what they want to in the first place). There is not one people in the world that can truthfully claim to be civilized. All people of the world have committed atrocities on either themselves and/or other people. Not one people since Man first climbed down out of the trees to walk on the Paradise Plains (thanks to God's Inspired Plan for Us :-D ). Heck, we committed atrocities upon our fellow beasts before we evolved into Man, based on observations of our nearest genetic kin, baboons and chimpanzees. (Chimps wage war against other bands of chimps, will kill and eat males not of their band, and will rape females not of their band to death. A band of chimps is called, fittingly, a troop.)
  1. We are hated because we are top dog. We are the current fat cats of the world. Whatever nations are top, have always been hated, throughout all of HumanTime. All we can do is to be ourselves, and hold our government to a moral code that we would approve of. This wouldn't lessen the hatred of the world for us, merely of our own citizen's for our government. It is in the HumanAnimal nature to hate those that have more then you. It's just basic selfish jealously, an emotional response to seeing someone have more resources then yourself. Resources are precious (meaning, limited supply, it is a Zero Sum Game in Nature for all animals, after all. Only plants aren't limited to a Zero Sum Game and they still fiercely compete for growing space and neutrients, as that is a Zero Sum Game for plants), and if someone has more of them them you, then your children have less odds of surviving successfully compared to them (heck, you have less odds of mating compared to them to get the children in the first place, so it's a double biological hit). Ergo, you want what they have. If you are strong enough, or desperate enough, you will then try to take it. This is called War. See War, and LogicalWar.

In summary:

  • We will be hated, forever and universally, so long as we have more then others.
  • All you can do is try to keep your government from doing things that you do not approve of it doing, but it will do it anyways, as it sees it has the Moral Authority based on it's exclusive knowledge of the GreaterTruth.
  • All Governments are much denser/more stupid then the people it rules for, based on the rules of CollectiveStupidity (which is what you should just go ahead and acknowledge that CollectiveIntelligence is).
  • There is no truthful thing known as civilized. Merely those ways of doing something that you happen to agree with, thanks to your initial programming (your upbringing), and your personal experiences.
  • Ask any child if there is a Santa Claus, Godzilla, Peekachu, Power Rangers, or Harry Potter and Hogwarts.

Children are the pure essence of the HumanAnimal. They are generally selfish, bullies, group followers to the extreme, etc. But they are capable of selfish acts and intelligent decisions as well but this is the exception behavior, not the rule. (And yes, I do love* children. I'm just observant.)

  • War will never be obsolete, so long as there is life. Humans waging War will always be happening so long as there are two Humans alive and in contact with one another.


It is up to all of us to deny war's legitamicy and ensure that no bullies have any hope of benifit in military aggression.

How about a grass roots world goverement, potentially more powerfull than all the multinational corporations put together, like WeInc.

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