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WikiWorld VirtualClassroom

Want to learn to Wiki here at WikiWorld? You are at the right place. See VirtualClassroom for other topics and general Wiki classroom information.

WikiWiki is easy and fun.

  • Hit the Edit button to edit any page.
  • Click the question mark on an undefine page ToDefineThePage.
  • Click the page title to see backlinks to any page.
  • Click the PhpWiki logo top right to return to the HomePage at any time.

For more information see:

your question here....

I needed a NewbieHelp or WikiNavigation to be findable in the search for this page. So I'm making them. I hope that's alright. ---StarPilot, who is still just flogging about blindly.

Thanks! The NewbieHelp quick links are great, cool stuff. -- JimScarver

Q: I saw manifestations like: "http wiki implementations", which were automatically(?) googled for. how do I do that? also, can I use InterWiki names? google:wiki implementations

A: Google:wiki implementations Google needs brackets because it is not a WikiWord (Google only has one Capital). see the InterWikiMap for all InterWiki connections with proper Capitalization.

Q: What was that magic used to auto-translate the Semitono music theory page from Italian to English?


To read his item, translate my reply into italian, and get the link I used using CopyAndPaste from my browser. To get the url of the translated page came from the frame address on bablfish.

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