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The goal of Wiki World is to help actualize the CollectiveIntelligence through the exchange of ideas and synthesis of knowledge while creating tools to facilitate the process as we go. WikiWorld Management are all of us who share this objective and seek to make WikiWorld a better place.

WikiWorld cannot BE the CollectiveIntelligence, which exists as some subset of the network of humanity, it can only hope to be an effective node in that intelligence through the connections of its members.


What are the management issues?

What is needed to make WikiWorld a better place?

  • How can we encourage more participation?

' WhyWeDontCollaborate ' SkinnersLaw

  • Empowering users

' ObjectWiki applied toward making right action the default. ' Capitalizing of the uniqueness offered by every individual.

WARNING: My students sometimes got so caught up in our research that they flunked out of school. I had to constantly remind them that school was their top priority. WE have jobs and other responsibilities, we cannot let WikiWorld participation hurt any of us. (now back to work====:) -- JimScarver ====

How do we scale WikiWorld to support everyone?

Based on the EIES Legacy experience, 20 members form a stable group with about 25% being active (several times a week). We are just about at that point. At 100 members, power functions of NetworkTheory predicts a singularity if not [[The Singularity|]] like OneHundredMonkeys.

' Resolve names space issues ' Support Distributed operation

  • Financing

' Allow supporters advertising rights. We (you and me) promise that advertising will not interfere with anyone getting the information they want and they will never have to wait for advertising, as it is always at the bottom of the page (except briefly in a relevant context).

What is our current usage?


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