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Need to blow off a little steam? You are at the right place. Hit Edit. %%%v. flamed, flam·ing, flames %%%v. intr.

  1. To burn brightly; blaze.
  2. To color or flash suddenly: cheeks that flamed with embarrassment.
  3. Informal. To make insulting criticisms or remarks as on a computer network, to incite anger.

your flame here.....

'FLAME ON' Where are the F'ing Use Cases for Wiki Objects? There's a so called WikiObjectUses page but it rapidly degenerates into a list of properties of the Wiki Objects. Jim are you constitutionally incapable of putting together coherent Use Cases for your pet project? There have been requests aplenty for such from different visitors. Some of us would actually like to know how WikiObjects might be used - and what difference they make to the end user as compared say to just improving php wiki. Do you even know the B'''''''y difference between a use case and an object property? 'FLAME OFF'

(That was a bunsen burner, the blow torch is hotter :-) ).

I get pretty stupid at times.

  • When I think of user stories my mind gets plugged with the thousands of commands and dozens of group and experimental infterfaces we did on EIES.
  • On the one hand it seems arbirary which use cases I demonstrate on the other hand it should show a relavant applications that are not too complicated.
  • I am a Wiki newbie still learning my way around. PhpWiki has a lot of cool features... I am still learning just what the WikiWay is and am uncommitted to the current WikiObjects syntax and have failed to specify some key aspects of rule support pending further evaluation.
  • I've got a few examples in mind and will try to expidite getting them in...

' Defining and using simple semi-structured text objects ' Defining and using an object wrapper for an existing plugin. ' Defining and using a unix plugin to define some external object

  • This project makes no money and I'll be fired from my own company if I don't spend more time on business and less time here.
  • I'm excited about this and appreciate for patience and guidance.

-- JimScarver

p.s. I have to admit, your flame was so cool and reasonable I had to laugh, if your really trying to anger me you'll have to try harder :) tnx. -- jimScarver

Hmm. Maybe we need that page C'oolFlames to accompany BlackLight... There are now some use cases at WikiObjectUseCases. --JamesCrook

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