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  1. manage wiki catagories. add pulldowns to EditPage (edit button fuction) to add and remove catagories.
  2. Add comment box to bottom of display page for DiscussionThreadClass wiki pages.
 * insert comment with header: author, date, subject and reply button.
 * comment display by date, thread, author, etc., asending or decendong.
 * Insert top or or bottom by 'insertComment' attribute of CatagoryDiscussionThreadClass.
  1. add CatagoryVotableItemclass, select from set or range.

In ObjectWiki, every reference or link to an object represents a use case. See WikiReference. We are not following particular programming standards here yet as we have not set them. We are building statement gradually trying to keep it as simple as possible.


Class: WikiObject

I introduce a class so that I can omit the outer brackets on my statements a make the code readable. The class context might be further refined in links to references on this page.

aWiki: Generate input form to create a new WikiWikiObject || WikiWikiObject.input

modWiki: Modify the WikiWiki || aWiki:=aWiki.input

modWiki: Modify some other WikiWiki ||"Xyzwiki".input

myTable: || || address:zzz; databaseclients; query="select *"

This is a can of worms. The intension of WikiObjects is that they be general purpose. The papers I list their cover the general requirements we have identified which are made Wiki specific to some extent in ObjectWiki. I'll start with some categories of uses and everyone can add their own use case desires.

See ObjectWiki description and the WikiObjects syntax or the CollaborativeWebObjects project page.

General capabilities

Element reuse.

Rather than copying texts they can be referenced so that there is only one authoritive copy and dependencies are maintained by the system. Updates can be done in only place no matter how often the information is used.

Automation of repetitive tasks.

You can define norms for a group process but you cannot make people follow them and they may make errors and omission in the process. Automating a process make it easy for a person to do the operation correctly while saving time and effort that can be used to more useful purpose than following procedure. Managing categorization is an example.

InterWiki shared pages and shared authentication

Database and object store.

WikiWiki itself becomes a programmable object store database.

Wiki objects (pages and elements) can be made available to other applications via web services (e.g. SOAP). WikiWiki becomes a collaborative tool for both effective content management and data management tool usable in a standard way with external applications. A standard object methodology means our separate efforts combine into a greater whole.

Agents - rule set management that support a role

  • programming by doing/example (repetitive tasks)
  • work flow rules
  • information filters

HTML segment objects

  • interface object tailoring - widgets
  • basic media integration
  • can't tell this is a wiki interfaces

Media object support

  • for full multi-media management and
  • production via SMIL analog.


  • ThreadPageClass - basic wiki page commenting facilitation
  • attached to any object in a
  • discussion hierarchy with
  • summary reporting including unseen objects and object updates etc.

Specific applications


  • Question/brainstorming activity
  • Exam activity
  • Grade book
  • Instructor, Student, and Admin agents.

Task coordination

Decision Support

  • voting alternative/scales
  • ranking
  • assessments
  • work flows
  • real time wiki

For example you could add an "I agree" and "I disagree" button on a page that maintains pro and con lists and show the tallies in the item if you wish.

Buttons like "Add Problem" and "Add Alternative", "Add Pro" and "Add Con" can not only capture the relationship amoung items but allow summary reporting and add appropriate functionality buttons to the pages being added.

Information Overload Management

Knowledge Management

Project Management

Mobile and Redundant Objects

Secure Objects and Proven System Security

-- time to run, more later -- JimScarver

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