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Suppose WE have learned right from wrong, found a better way, have a vision of a better world. What can we do?

When people ask me what they can do it wrenches me inside that I can not direct them clearly. We all should ask what we can do for our nation and our world. We are part of the problem if we are not part of the solution.

Each of us must independently answer, What can I do? Some ideas are listed in SocialDuty.

The inertia of the present system seems near impossible to budge. Yet change is constant.

We can effect one person at a time and they can carry the message and within a chain of 7 people effecting 7 people the world can change, (OneHundredMonkeys)

We can create persistant positive feedback connections in other ways too.

  1. introduce those with common goals so they can work together
  2. write ideas online or publish them so many can share them
  3. add links between important related activities and resources at WikiWorld and elsewhere.
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