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VC Blackboard

'Today's Topic:' Achieving a standard WikiWorld Virtual Classroom format.

'Intro:' I believe that WE can start and maintain an open CollectiveLearning community on WikiWorld if the advantages and weaknesses of Wiki could be balanced. In order to order to achieve widespread use of a Virtual Classroom community on WikiWorld, some standard for organization has to be manifested. Taking the Information Physics VC as an example, it is next to impossible to find anything on the page. This leads to complete entropy: the student will only concentrate on the top portion of the page, and bypass whether the topic had been covered before. This is one of the many issues.

'Goals :'

  • Scalability
  • Primarily oriented through use of Wiki (chat program/etc. can be considered later)
  • Ease of use
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Your goal here?

'Discussion': What are the advantages of a WikiWorld VirtualClassroom?

  • Separate WikiPages can be used as object lessons, which are easily commented on by the student.
  • Linear discussion function.
  • Wiki allows for what would be the equivalent of EIES notebooks for the student and professor.
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