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Virtual Classroom

This is the WikiWorld Wiki where you can learn about anything, including the VirtualClassroom.

CollaborativeLearning is at it's best when the students participate in the research of the faculty. The VirtualClassroom facilitates this.

The process of education is in a constantly evolving state (EvolutionaryGameTheory) of what, is hopefully, continuous improvement. Student questions and wrong answers can drive this process. With a basic task co-ordination methodology in place nothing gets lost, the process evolves to answer all questions.

We learn by examples, in the traditional Virtual Classroom, homework will become is a waste of time. It is much more rewarding for students and everybody if the students teach each other and solve real problems while improving the educational process.

The cost can be zero if you allow unobtrusive advertising. But the formal University is still essential in providing eduational intergrity and must also be supported to insure the survival of acedemic freedom.

Your questions will be answered below.

Virtual Classrooms on WikiWorld

See also: CollectiveIntelligence, GroupWare

Virtual Classroom's Whiteboard

Who can facilitate my online classroom?

  • You can do it yourself using tools like Wiki and discussion systems and other VirtualClassroomTools.
  • ADV: NJIT Distance Learning
  • ADV: You can synergize learning with XanthusInc
  • Henry White at Teaches Basic Linux free, in his own words: "The course has been online continuously since August 1997. Since then, over thirty thousand have registered." I find this use of the internet simply amazing. MichaelWhite
  • your service or idea here....

Facilitating an organized VC community on WikiWorld?

I'm interested on your thoughts as to how WE can accomplish this goal. If everyone took at topic which they knew best and established it as an open VC, it would work to a point: without a given structure, the classrooms would quickly degrade into confusion and mess. I think, as a start, we should propose a VirtualClassroomStructureFormat? --KenSchry

What are CollaborativeWebObjects?

My question:

Are there any collaborative teachers and/or learners (or wannabee same such as myself) in the following disciplines?

  • consumer education
  • home economics

Thankx, LorraineLee

As a consumer, I'm interested in information that allows me to make the use of my money more efficent, thereby allowing me to have to worry less about the Ultimate Tool and thereby allowing for more time for entertainment of light to deep matters to myself. ---StarPilot

You seem to have a kinship to Henry David Thoreau.


Isn't HomeEconomics the greater part to ConsumerEducation? It seems to me that ConsumerEducation would be a subset of HomeEconomics. ---StarPilot

Consumption takes place at home and elsewhere. A home is a consumer good. I would think it the opposite. ---LorraineLee

  • What is the Ultimate Tool? I am happy to see signs of interest in information re: consumer issues.
    • I don't know how it fits into categorization of knowledge. I think of consumer education as having to do with purchasing, while home economics has to do with operations. The role of a VirtualClassroom for these subjects would hopefully include developing in consumers/households a level of informational sophistication typical of business enterprises. Since you're interested in information as a means to use your money more efficiently, you probably would benefit from such a VirtualClassroom. ---LorraineLee


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