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How to stop being ugly

To imply that the world welcomes our intervention is an abortion of the truth. The good stuff we do does not justify the bad. It does not to a good number of good american and the rest of the world. Let's cut out the bad. No one has any problem with the good.

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US illegal?

Are US actions illegal?

If our actions are really defensive I have no problem, but if the rest of the world thinks they are not defensive and that will backlash on us.

International law permits defensive strikes.

I am not a lawer and don't know how much of our actions today are illegal. The US has failed to employ the international court against terrorism. Attacking Iran today would certainly be illegal. What I do know and the rest of the world knows is that the US has been two faced about international law. Vietnam was clearly illegal as were hundreds of cia actions that directly supported terrorism, the references below cite many other illegal actions, both illegal with repect to american law and the united nations and the world court. International becomes a joke if the US disregards it.

Here is some more of what some of the rest of the world is saying.

Clearly Bush is trying to make good on his promise of permanent war. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has asserted that the "Global War on Terrorism, will not end until terrorist networks have been rooted out from wherever they exist; and it will not end until state sponsors of terror are made to understand that abetting terrorism is unacceptable and will have deadly consequences for the regimes that do so."

What is the real objective of this perpetual war?

"The goal," says Haass, "should be to persuade the other major powers to
sign on to certain key ideas as to how the world should operate." The
increasingly clear perspective of the Bush administration is a program
enabling and justifying U.S. military and economic intervention anywhere
in the world where U.S. interests are deemed "threatened." Bush has set
out to do what his father couldn't--- establish a New World Order led by
the U.S.

Nearly 1,000 Israeli soldiers have refused military service in the
Occupied Territories claiming that the military actions against
Palestinians is an exercise in terror.

America... means corruption, bullying, nationalism verging on that of
the fascists and hypocracy. A government dominated not by trying to do
the best for all the people, but by the money of lobby groups and

The Bush administration's escalating barrage of bellicose rhetoric
toward Iraq and its rejection of the International Criminal Court have
strained Washington's relations with its European allies and unleashed a
new wave of intense anti-American sentiment in the European press.

The entire world decries terrorism, why must we be terrorists too by killing who we choose in defyance of international law? How does following international law make it weak? There will alway be exceptions to following international law, but they should not be subject to political whim.

First published in 1958, The Ugly American became a runaway national
bestseller for its slashing expose of American arrogance, incompetence,
and corruption in Southeast Asia.

  1. America's self perception needs to change, to be brought back to Earth. To be made more modest. And therefore will regain respect and sympathy from the world
  2. Theocracy needs to be removed from 'rogue states'. It may be that war, although causing more extreme anti-American hatred, is the only practical method as the governments have far too much and rabid support in their countries
  3. America needs to understand (if it doesn't) that the populace of these countries are not to blame
  4. The populace of Afghanistan, and other countries, need to learn that America is a scapegoat, and that their government uses it as a rallying method, to control them and pacify them
  5. America should no longer use the method of supporting terrorism or armed conflict in one country to remove it's present government. This has always backfired. All arms sold to the world, are arms that later need to be confiscated.

American culture may represent something corrosive and immoral to
certain Islamic sensibilities - that can't be helped. But that isn't
what provokes suicide bombers. American policies often kill, directly
and indirectly - and this is why people are willing to sacrifice
themselves to kill us in return.

  • Is it wrong to improve our image around the world?
  • Is it wrong to take actions internationally to prevent war?
  • Is it wrong to plee for the cycles of retaliation in Isreal to end?
  • Is it wrong to have a world order based on law rather than brute force?
  • Is it wrong to promote peace?
  • Is it wrong to love one another instead of killing one another?

Should we not apply our collective intelligence toward peace and prosperity?

Nazis Rule Amerikkka

Neo nazis, the KKK, the militias are western terrorists within our own borders.

The rampid growth on neo-nazis throughout south america, in the us, and even canada along with a large population in germany and eastern europe means there are a lot of then. Why not answer the issue rather than picking on the statistics.

There are 11,800 weblinks to neo-nazi's in canada alone and a lot on war criminals also. I did not find statistics, but the real danger is not the nazi war criminals or the skinheads, It is the secret societies of nazis, including Osessa awaiting their opportunity. It is the wealthy secret nazi living next door we should fear. He is the one influencing US policies and supporting the nazi activities. From your beliefs I cannot say for sure that you are not one yourself. You still refuse to answer the issue of our hypocracy? The numbers are not important. The issue is.

In Los Angeles, authorities arrested 8 racist skinheads who had been
plotting to blow up a Black church and assassinate Black and Jewish
leaders in an attempt to incite a 'Racial Holy War'. Their 'hitlist'
included Louis Farrakan, Chuck D of Public Enemy, Rodney King, and
others. The boneheads charged had ties to the white-supremacist
organizations of White Aryan Resistance (WAR), Forth Reich Skinheads,
and the Church Of The Creator (COTC), a U.S.-based white-supremacist
paramilitary group which is also active in the Toronto area.

Nazi War Criminals in Canada -

A new Web site purporting to be an "ad hoc collection of anti-globalism
activists" calling itself the Anti-Globalism Action Network (AGAN),
appears to be a front for the neo-Nazi National Alliance (NA). The AGAN
Web site is promoting the NA by taking what it considers "the bold step"
of linking its site to the NA Web site in Canada.
The AGAN first surfaced after it issued a press release predicting a
"cycle of violence" at the G8 [Group of Eight leading industrial
countries] summit in Kananaskis, Canada in June 2002.

Race-hate groups find virtual haven in Argentina

Germany's internal intelligence service, the Office for the Protection
of the Constitution, estimates that tens of thousands of neo-Nazis are
active in the country, mainly in the east, with a hard core of around
9,000 particularly violent individuals.
"We have stopped counting the number of phone calls we receive from
neo-Nazis who want to get out, says Lindahl, who estimates the overall
number of neo-Nazis to be over 1,000 in Sweden.

the earlier profile of the German Skinhead as poorly educated,
unemployed, and the product of a broken home must, in the light of later
research, be revised. Police statistics now reveal a different - and
more disturbing - picture. An evaluation (1991-1993) of almost 500
militant right-wing extremists (particularly Skinheads) arrested for
violent actions showed 33.6% pupils, students and apprentices; 28.7%
skilled workers and craftsmen; 11.3% unskilled workers; 5.6% office
workers; 7.9% soldiers - and only 11.3% unemployed. Thus, these violent
extremists have been coming in substantial measure from the middle
ranges of society, not just the "lumpen" fringe

America may be waking up

America may be waking up!

In an interview collected in his latest book, 9-11, Noam Chomsky 
called America "a leading terrorist state," and he explained how 
September 11 will "accelerate the agenda of militarization, regimentation, 
reversal of social democratic programs [and] transfer of wealth to narrow sectors.
Stupid White Men by Michael Moore now has 500,000 copies in print 
and is still number five on the New York Times Top 10; 9-11 
by Noam Chomsky has 205,000 in print; and The Best Democracy Money Can 
Buy by investigative journalist Greg Palast, published by an indie 
British press, just sold its paperback rights to American publisher 
Penguin Putnam for an undisclosed amount.

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