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I want to do everything, my mother spoiled me with unconditional love and my father taught me that the impossible just takes longer. WikiWorld for me is a place where I can fulfill my desire to do everything. --JimScarver
The community I'm looking for will try to develop a system of mind collaboration that makes sharing empirical observations simple, easy and free as in beer. I call it PubWan, but you can call it corn. ... I too have felt close to some InterestConvergence since locating WikiWorld. They seem to take an interest in the BigQuestions, which is refreshing. ... -- LorraineLee
WikiWorld appears to be a next iteration of something that I have observed happening throughout history. Now we are beginning to recognize it and consciously refine it. I don't think I can exaggerate how truly great a project WikiWorld seems to be. -- DavidSiegel
If we create a TourOfWikiWorld, then we can give new collaborators a quick feel for what this site is, and the spirit of the site. --StarPilot

Take the tour

Here are a few of the pages that generally describe what WikiWorld is all about. Keep in mind, WE are (hoping to be, trying to be) an emerging CollectiveIntelligence. There are many half formed, half baked, ideas floating around in this communal idea soup. If any of them resonate with your own obsessions or convictions, then please feel free to add to or modify anything you see here.

Anyone who wishes to implement/reimplement TourOfWikiWorld will have to use [[Category:TourOfWikiWorld]], or wait until we figure out something better.


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