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Hey, I am here too

Here's a new website...

It has the Family tree of Moulton

You'll need a password to access it...

Tom is a partner and director of hosting for XanthusInc in addition to his real job as lab equipment. His roots are deep in the EIES Legacy, he had EIES on a HAM packet radio network he helped develop back in 1982. It worked about as well as CDMP today locally but it could take a couple days sometimes to get a packet to Florida from New Jersey.

Lab equipment? Wow==== Now, there's a job I'd like to get into. How does one go into the career of Lab Equipment? --StarPilot ====

I'm sorry to announce that tom was fired yesterday. He has two months to find gainful employment and cover his mortgage. He is a legend in communications, he should fare OK. He was just too expensive as lab equipment. hopefully he will fare better as a human being. I can attest that he represents the best we have to offer. -- JimScarver

Lab Equipment was from when I was a consultant at AT&T... I guess it still fits... I would love to learn to capitalize on my being a Legend==== I know I will fare Ok, but any ==== leads would surely help==== --TomMoulton ====

If you were a legend in Games, you could do like SidMeier does, and do a 'Signatory' series of products (with your involvement in those products being as much or little as you like). If you are such a legend, is that why there isn't many people here? All you legends have scared them away, and only Virtual Punks with Extremely Well/Over Developed Egos| like myself here posting? Or is this place just too new and embreonic (and hence, hasn't carved out its own larger societal niche yet)? ---StarPilot P.S. It really is great to see such an accomplished and practiced person about on the Net. Raising the level for all==== :-D ====

Tom may only be a legend in my mind, though he is known in ham packet circles, few outside really saw the significance of what he did then. Some police forces hired him to set up packet networks but we still have not really capitalized on our experience in that area. Our partner Sal has been carrying the torch in that arena (wireless). -- JimScarver


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