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TikiWiki is a really cool wiki with features and programmability up the kazoo.


  1. pretty
  2. tailorable: cool content management and Smarty template programmability of the whole system plus powerful plugin capability
  3. full personal and group communications support in addition to wiki including polls and surveys.
  4. tons of features already available notably attachments and HTML formatting.

The tiki homepage is at http://tikiwiki.sourceforge.net/

I had a question about the TikiWiki package. Apparently it runs using Smarty as the template manager and PEAR to interface with the database. Are these binary executables that run on the host server, or are they just a pile of PHP scripts?

I have been looking into this recently as there are a few applications that I would like to try to develop on this platform. Everything is customizable as far as I can tell. One can very easily change almost all aspects of the visual presentation using a fairly complex set of styles. I installed it in a flash on my home WinXP box with EasyPHP. I am thinking about using it as a personal knowledge management tool. For now I am just playing around with the styles and the functionality to get my mind around all it can do.

Free collaboration tool. Just add water. ---DavidSiegel

Smarty templates and PEAR database interface are pure PHP code.

I've been evaluating Plone which takes a lot more to run but may be more robust for commertial grade free collaboration. FlorianKonnertz did a really great NooWiki:FrontPage (down at the moment, hope it comes back) using Plone. It is writen in Python and Zope.

TikiWiki is still the best choice for low budget and time commitment portals.

-- JimScarver

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