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We the people before God, or a higher power accept these truths. (version for atheists) TheAnewGoDeclarationOfExistance.

  1. Managing the Ecosphere is a real problem.
  2. Equity of resources is a real problem.
  3. We need to start a new political process to fully address these problems.
  4. To accomplish this we adopt a SocialContract as a bases for our collaboration.
  5. I agree and will into existence the domain of

TheAnewGoDeclarationOfExistance will be incorporated into a delegation to ICANN for the top level domain of .go

TheAnewGoDeclarationOfExistence enables AnewGoLaw and NewLaw to exist.

TheAnewGoDeclarationOfExistence enables AnewGoCitizenship to exist.

It is arbitrary, but I think once TheAnewGoDeclarationOfExistence has 50 signatories it will be complete. Then work will proceed to TheAnewGoDelagation and TheAnewGoConstitution

Signatories below :-

  • Phillip Bannigan
  • Jim Whitescarver
  • Keryn Morrison
  • Brian Holder

See also DeclarationOfExistenceDiscussion.

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