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losing truth JimScarver 08:26, 6 August 2006 (EDT)

I was tempted to remove the notion of lost truths from the WikiWorld page until I could make it clear. But change is a double edge sword and that needs to be addressed somewhere. I have talked about many of the ideas of the founding fathers of America that have been largely lost to lip service these days. But there are many visionary ideas and proven practices, that get trampled on as change bulldozes, before they had a change to become fullfilled. There are few really new ideas, the new is just what we have forgotten or failed to apply. There are also many failures in history we are doomed to repeat if they are not remembered.

Every truth consists of a thesis and antithesis, both of which must be remembered for there to be a synthesis that represents an increase in understanding.

This idea is central to my purpose of defeating entropy. We need to understand the truths behind what is known before any new ideas can bear fruit.

Bulldozing change Alle van Meeteren

13:39, 6 August 2006 (EDT)

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The text above is not exactly the text you wrote. I did not understand the sentence that start with 'But there are many visionary ideas.. that get trampled on as change bulldozes. After that start, I had the impression you wanted to say something about that trampled ideas, but in my opinion something went wrong in your formulation. I changed it in a way I understand the sentence.

Is this changing a good practice? In my eyes it is a sign of good care for your text. You can see where the sentence went wrong by comparing my change with your original text. Of course, you can change it back, or do a better reparation.

It is this procedure I will reserve for the article-pages. Now I used it in a talk-page, because I really did not understand your sentence.

It is a good thing to remember the past, but should that be done explictly, by everyone of us? How much should I know of the past of WikiWorld, before I ventilate ideas? Or, shall you, while knowing that past, compare my idea with that past? In that case I will know that past filtered by my idea. Too much past can become a hindrance.


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