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Refactoring of the WE-page StarPilot

I've refactored WE. I put Jim's opinions where they go, WikiWorld:About. But that page got confusing, so I refactored it back to its primary purpose.

The WE is not Jim's handpicked lock-step collection of thoughts and opinions. That's WikiWorld. If Jim wants a good look at the WE, he should go take a long week's worth of tour of 4chan. They are the WE. Fair warning though--- while they have their own visionaries that are trying to uplift the WE, they are far more crass and base in their postings (both visual and textual), and if just a post from Goatse or would upset you, don't go near them. Those sorts of things are frequently posted as trolls and even protests against any thought or idea, particularly unpopular ones (which is frequently the truth).


Writing on WikiWorld Alle van Meeteren

I did not consent with the refactoring of StarPilot, and so did Jim, but he removed his text about that because he has to think longer about his reaction (see history). I added a link to Writing on WikiWorld, because the description there of the way WE express ourselve. I also brought the old WE to the page StarPilot thinks the former WE-text belongs. Perhaps is it a good compromize to leave it there.

I am anxious to know why 4chan forms the WE in the vision of StarPilot.

01:59, 1 August 2006 (EDT)

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