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[[ExtremeCollaboration#{{{header}}}]] all the text



This is a great intro to the grand vision of WikiWorld. I suggest we synthesize this material with some of the other great material on this site and create a page devoted to assimilating new users/members. I have already begun this process. I thought I should propose before I post as this could be a fairly significant change to the form of some of these pages. The content and wording would remain untouched. I am motivated by the desire to attract more quality people to the vision of WikiWorld.

I further propose that we make this page a concise definition of ExtremeCollaboration followed by more explanation of how WE intend to achieve it. --


David, it sounds like you want to create a TourOfWikiWorld. Well, there is your starting link. :D What other pages should go into the Tour?

If we create a TourOfWikiWorld, then we can give new collaborators a quick feel for what this site is, and the spirit of the site. ---StarPilot

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