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Special interests, like it or not, cannot be eliminated from political systems.

We can reduce the power of special interests by creating policies based on principle and objective criteria. By eliminating political whim in the decision process we also take the power from those who would abuse the system. ====Us ==== Fortunately, the internet enpowers us all to easily participate in our own special interests. Together we have the power of any other special interest.



Corruption in government is a crime. But crime pays and people are greedy. The best way to protect ourselves from organized crime and black markets is to stop legislating morality, creating unreasonable taxes and impediments to legal business.





See AmericanVanguard, FreeEnterprise

ROTFLMAO==== Now, that's too funny. Special Interests is pure, simple, Democracy in action. Of course, it is generally the Democracy of the Dollar in action, and hey, that's even Capitalism in Action. What could be more American then buying your own politicians? Democracy and Capitalism all rolled up into one action! Money talks, and it talks loudest in politics. It's the Ultimate Tool, which makes it the Ultimate Power Man's world. For enough money, most Bishops would spread that Nun's bum for you, and most Politicians would film you popping their 7 year old daughter's cherry. Money, as the Ultimate Power, is the ultimate resource competed over. And Competition breeds War in all its forms. ====

You want to get rid of special interests? Then go to a tyranny. Then the only whim and special interest around is the depots. Don't like it? Then stop your whining. Every interest in a democracy is 'special'.

There are no principles. That's based only on viewpoints. As long as things are not based purely on procedures, there will be whims. You want to make it all ran by a computer? Hey, that's fine by me, so long as I get to be the Primary Programmer.

I'm sorry to come so down on you, but Truth is Truth. Oh well, in time we all can learn.

You want to get the same level of handling as the NRA, Organized Crime, Teamsters, Steel Workers Union, etc? There are two ways:

  1. Money - Band together so that you have as much money to offer your politician of interest as the others. It's basic competition for a limited resource that has forced all the various interest groups to have banded together... so that they have less competitors for that limited resource.
  2. Public Opinion - Work the media for sympathy. If you can get enough of a media outcry, you can get politicians to pay attention to your issue, but only briefly, and only when it's nearing election time. Our politicians still have to deal with the technicality of getting reelected, even if it is for all intents and purposes a job for life. (USA sends 97% of all incumbents back to their offices. #1 cause of incumbent not returning is death. Not even the British House Of Lords, which is a hereditary House of Parliment, has as many returning members as USA Congress.)


I think we agree StarPilot. But sometimes you talk about the current social order as if it is set in cement. I am happy to see you loosening up a bit. Things change, and WE can accept random change, and possibly be destroyed, or WE can create a vision of the future WE can live with. What I am talking about here is how we can create a better social order.

I am a special interest for self-goverance. I won't agree to anybody elses idea of TheGoodLife and by joining with all others who feel the same I can be a powerful special interest for myself.

In so far as we can collaborate effectively I will not be subject to the tyranny of the majority(public opinion), the mob, or the money interests. I will defend my freedom with my life. Our CollectiveIntelligence must deal with me, and the priciples of freedom and self-determination america proclaims but does not obey.

Special interests are indeed a part of any organization and can not be eliminated. If you can't beat them, join them, be a special interest. WE have power. I am a special interest for a free humanity creating great value and populating the galaxy and beyond. If you are too, WE can do anything.


--- I just recently strarted seeing "what if we didn't have our freedom comertials on TV. Its a scary thought but I'm not sure weather or not its GovernmentPropaganda or a SpecialInterests group. These ads aren't being aired because "Its a good idea" (tm) to air them. They are similar to TheTruth ads about smoking wich are produced by Phillip Morris. Has anyone seen one of these ads?


Sometimes I feel like like you cannot fight the power.

'You can't, I can't, but WE can. Not in our lifetimes, perhaps, but ultimately.  We are PrisonersOfHope.'

Even though I know better, JimScarver. ;) And sometimes, I'm just taking the other side of the discussion, for the fun of having a discussion. And I'm all for being a Special Interest| for PersonalFreedom.

'You know I love that about you StarPilot, sometimes solidarity helps too, thanks. --JimScarver'

WizardWiki, PM pays for those TheTruth ads, as part of it's deal/settlement to get out of more settlements. Of course, most of those TheTruth ads are the most pathetic ads there are. They sometimes seem clever, but their net effect is the same as the 'JustSayNo' ads... Zero. Which probably makes PM very happy.


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