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Spam Block is part one of an all out war against spam. Each day I have been collecting over 8000 spam messages received by XanthusInc computers and dynamically blocked about 1500 individual IP addresses which they came from.

"Spam my once, shame on you==== Spam me twice, shame on me! ====

In 6 days I identified 9068 IP addresses sending spam and blocked them all. I also blocked the 214 IP groups which sent us spam from 3 or more addressees, this is over 50,000 more IP address blocked.

Are you in a spammer group? If we receive spam from 3 out of 256 of your internet protocol group, we block the group.

If anti-spam policies are not enforsed in your IP group, three strikes you're out==== ====

Now after a month, I have processed over 176,000 spams from about 50,000 unique IP addresses. I am blocking over 2,000 groups and 20,000 individual IP addresses blocking a total of more than 500,000 internet addresses.

I created a facility on Xanthus.Net where any email user can save messages in an IMAP folder called SpamBlock and within minutes the sending host will be blocked. This benefits ALL the users on Xanthus.Net and anyone taking advantage of our blacklist to reduce spam. Please be careful that only emails you are certain are spam are saved in your SpamBlock folder. If you are receiving email forwarded from a different email account, not on Xanthus.Net, do not save spams to that account in SpamBlock or you will block your email forwarding.

For detailed spam incident information see http://Xanthus.Net/spam.cgi

The next phase of my anti-spam crusade is to automatically report offending IP addresses to their internet service providers. ISP's hate to be blocked, most have anti-spam policies. Reporting the spammers immediately will help reputable ISPs police their networks. Those who are not reputable can remain blocked.

Some legitimate users may get blocked due to the zero tolerance for spam policy when spammers use legitimate internet providers. To minimize this we will forgive IP addressees and groups after one week for the first offense.

If any Xanthus customer gets a complaint that email is not reaching us from a valid source please send us their IP address. If you cannot email a Xanthus hosted domain use the ‘contact us’ form at . To verify you have been blocked or if you do not know your IP address you can find out at http://Xanthus.Net/spam.cgi as well.

If you are blocked and are not a spammer, it may be that you are infected with an email worm that makes your computer a tranmitter of of spam and worms. You can check with to see if you are infected and then get the cleaner you need from

If you are not infected then it may be a neighbor or other user of your internet provider who just happened to use the same IP address. It is against the policy of most internet providers to send spam. We can help your internet provider locate the offenders.


See StopSpamNow, BoycottSpam

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