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Physics of electronic micro-circuits. See also CollectiveElectrodynamics

I already knew EVERYTHING is due to quantum events before I learned semiconductor physics in ee212 long before I had quantum physics in physics400(?), and hence tend to view the universe as a semiconductor universe. Indeed, the rules are the same, all momentum exchanges between electrons are photons and all photons are momentum exchanges between electrons, and positrons, virtual or not, are electron holes. Schrodinger's equation only tells us that electrons will fall into holes. It is now clear to me that if there is no hole to fall in, the hole is created, and this ultimately explains everything. -- JimScarver

The way semiconductors work is that the existence of an electron and a hole (opposite differences or positron) at the propagation distance of each manifests not a degree of freedom in the system. This represents state space which is not occupied. The state space occupied by the silicon lattice only exists to the extent that such degrees of freedom are manifest by events that actually occur.

We create such pathways of directed freedom in semiconductors utilizing valence electrons, and missing valance electrons to establish the desired pathways.

The same is true in the vacuum where both holes and electrons are manifest on an as needed bases in order to propagate momentums (at light speed). The vacuum (or other mass/silicon) acts a a reservoir of energies which can together can match signals propagating through it until it is absorbed by an atom. The emerging vacuum is disordered (indeteminant) except as such propagation occur, weaving the fabric of timespace.

Each event instantaneously manifests state space, which manifests real space which is gone when the entangled momentums (signal) are received. RelativeStateSpace and real space are made of these momentums. Empty space only exists to the extent it is defined occupied states. Nothing is only manifest to the extent it is discriminated by something. Very simply, nothing is only manifest by something vacating it.

Q: Wouldn't conservation of M/E take effect here? As you have stated, empty space is defined by the absence of an existing state. However, said state (or some form thereof) would have to be translated in some form. Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding this, but it would seem that empty space is not actually empty, for whatever at that time was occupying it still exists in some form? --KenSchry

A: Conservation of energy is an average in the quantum. It holds in ordinary circumstances. Empty space is an illusion as only space discriminated by energy exists. Ordinary space, the vacuum, has a significant mass density (ZPE). Conservation of energy says you cannot have more or less space unless more energy is released into the vacuum or absorbed. However, when energy is absorbed by mass, the space it represented is effectively inside the mass despite the fact that it may be larger than the mass, it does not leave any emptiness outside. It simple bends the shape of space (fabric) toward the mass. There can be no degrees of freedom which are not exhibited by the elements of a quantum system. Energy does not occupy space, it synthesizes it. The idea of a 3D space is a subjective approximation, space is not restricted to 3D in the vicinity of matter absorbing or emitting energy, and our 3D mappings depend on our relative velocity. --JimScarver

This chat helped me state this simply.

%%%jimscarver : hi, who is this? %%%myjasonlee: sorry %%%myjasonlee: me from yahoo group %%%myjasonlee: can i ask u about quantum? %%%jimscarver : sure %%%jimscarver : are you in my infophysics group? %%%myjasonlee: it is quantum theory %%%myjasonlee: thank u %%%myjasonlee: r u from US? %%%jimscarver : yes %%%myjasonlee: u work in quantum research or? %%%jimscarver : infotech %%%myjasonlee: what is it? %%%jimscarver : %%%myjasonlee: thanks %%%myjasonlee: reading now %%%myjasonlee: Hi there %%%myjasonlee: so u know how to use quantum physics in electronics? %%%jimscarver : i am information physicist wanna be %%%jimscarver : i learned quantum physics in college %%%myjasonlee: if u still remember that, i will be lucky to consult you %%%myjasonlee: so u learn about mos capacitor? %%%jimscarver : yes. but forget much ((metal oxide semiconductor)) %%%myjasonlee: oh %%%myjasonlee: that's bad %%%myjasonlee: how quantum is used in computer info? %%%jimscarver : quantum IS computer info %%%myjasonlee: quantum is related to particle physics , how does it relate to computer? %%%jimscarver : all i remember about mos is that it keeps charge with power off, right? %%%jimscarver : particles are illusion %%%jimscarver : quantum is logic %%%myjasonlee: yea but i wanna get to the point we talked about Fermi level of silicon oxide, then how charge inversion happens when Fermi level is higher than conduction energy level %%%myjasonlee: do u know? %%%myjasonlee: logic is 0 and 1 %%%myjasonlee: quantum is also 0 and 1? %%%jimscarver : quantum state is one or zero %%%myjasonlee: i see %%%jimscarver : actually, only one, zero does not exist %%%myjasonlee: all right %%%jimscarver : but so far as state is defined, we assume zeros %%%jimscarver : if not one %%%myjasonlee: i see %%%myjasonlee: sounds virtual %%%jimscarver : electron seeks hole to fall in %%%myjasonlee: yea %%%myjasonlee: quantum energy has many discrete level, why call it one and no zero? %%%jimscarver : when electron could be at x, and hole can be there also, electron becomes at hole place, leaving hole where it left %%%myjasonlee: can i add u as fren? %%%jimscarver : state is defined or not, state is occupied or not, binary %%%myjasonlee: all right %%%jimscarver : yes %%%myjasonlee: thanks %%%jimscarver : state is (p,x,y,z,s) if three degrees of freedom ((pmomentum, sspin, x,y,z=position)) %%%myjasonlee : yes %%%jimscarver : p. x. y. z are integers, spin is binary %%%myjasonlee : heard that before %%%myjasonlee : but dunno how is it applied %%%jimscarver : specific momentum exists at place with certain spin %%%myjasonlee : yes %%%myjasonlee : that's true %%%myjasonlee : mv %%%myjasonlee : mv=hk %%%myjasonlee : something like that %%%jimscarver : the more momentum levels occupied the more solid because momentums exclude each other %%%myjasonlee : exclude each others means? %%%jimscarver : define independent state %%%jimscarver : reflect, bounce %%%jimscarver : exchange %%%jimscarver : direction %%%myjasonlee : see, if they exclude each other, they will force against one another, how to form solid? %%%jimscarver : momentum exchange %%%jimscarver : reflection %%%myjasonlee : ok, lets say if it is gas, what is the momentum then? %%%myjasonlee : gas has higher energy level %%%myjasonlee : is it? %%%jimscarver : solidness is one discrete frequency at a time, only solid at occupied levels %%%jimscarver : gases have many empty states, nearly the same level as vacuum %%%myjasonlee : empty states means there is no electrons in the states? %%%jimscarver : no, momentum, almost same, but most are virtual %%%jimscarver : photons manifest occupied state (virtual electrons and holes) %%%myjasonlee : photon is light %%%jimscarver : yes, resonances across space mediating momentum exchange between electrons via virtual interactions %%%jimscarver : resonance is simply equal momentum states %%%jimscarver : photon is solid line across state space at a particular momentum %%%myjasonlee : do u have any website to introduce this? %%%jimscarver : %%%jimscarver : but most up to date stuff is in yahoo group, InfoPhysics %%%myjasonlee : okie %%%myjasonlee : i will visit it, when in doubt i will chat with u %%%myjasonlee : thank u %%%myjasonlee : so now u work for IBM or self employed? %%%jimscarver : i have given here sufficient information, think about it for a while, eventually it will become very clear %%%jimscarver : communication of there things is easiest one on one %%%jimscarver : it is harder to write stuff for every bodies consumption %%%jimscarver : unemployed %%%jimscarver : interviewing %%%myjasonlee : i see %%%myjasonlee : good luck in job hunting %%%jimscarver : thanks %%%jimscarver : conduction level is unoccupied states %%%myjasonlee : i think only IBM invest a lot in quantum computing %%%myjasonlee : Fermi level is? %%%jimscarver : Fermi level is occupied %%%myjasonlee : valence? %%%jimscarver : free %%%jimscarver : complete shells are below Fermi, %%%jimscarver : incomplete shells are holes %%%jimscarver : partial shells are Fermi %%%myjasonlee : complete shells are conduction level? %%%jimscarver : partial shells are conduction %%%jimscarver : no holes, no electrons can pass %%%jimscarver : electrons only fall in holes %%%myjasonlee : umm %%%jimscarver : electrons only fall in holes %%%myjasonlee : i see %%%jimscarver : or reflect %%%jimscarver : by creating holes where there were none %%%jimscarver : but that is beyond the basics... %%%myjasonlee : umm %%%jimscarver : if they cant fall in a hole they exchange momentums %%%jimscarver : bounce off each other %%%myjasonlee : sounds difficult %%%jimscarver : is it okay if i put this dialog on my wiki? id like to same it. %%%jimscarver : save it %%%jimscarver : bouncing electrons is not difficult %%%jimscarver : bouncing %%%myjasonlee : wiki is?? %%%jimscarver : it is all simple kinetic %%%jimscarver : wiki is collaborative content %%%myjasonlee : sure , pls share it then %%%jimscarver : thank you %%%jimscarver : %%%myjasonlee : thanks Jim %%%myjasonlee : for sharing your thoughts %%%jimscarver : no more questions? %%%myjasonlee : not for now %%%myjasonlee : it is late %%%myjasonlee : I have to go %%%myjasonlee : tmr be back %%%myjasonlee : %%%jimscarver : ok, not sure what part you are missing.... %%%myjasonlee : it is fine. I will consult you again . do not worry %%%myjasonlee : %%%jimscarver : just a lot of misleading info to unlearn i expect %%%myjasonlee : no it is all right %%%myjasonlee : %%%myjasonlee : Thanks Jim %%%myjasonlee : have a good day ahead %%%myjasonlee : cheers %%%myjasonlee : i gtg %%%jimscarver : see, you, i hope that i do answer your question someday %%%myjasonlee : sure u can %%%myjasonlee : see u %%%jimscarver : bye

Oops. I neglected to emphasize that solidness and reflection/exclusion/bouncing are manifestations of the same thing==== ====


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