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Flash: The animal kingdom has elected democracy for group decision making

Randomness and error prove to be better than perfection.

The emerging laws of NetworkTheory reveal that ZeroDefects are a bad thing in complex networks. Introducing errors and random connections is improving the performance and reliability computer chips and organizations.

2002 ScienceFauxPas uncovered. The Truth Revealed!

  • Sun tan prevents cancer.
  • Oldest humanoid skull suggests monkeys evolved from humans
  • Doctor visits cause premature births
  • Experiment catches Maxwell's daemon alive and well. Free energy at last.

From the NY Times Science Times this week 8/6/02. (and Science Journal WSJ)

Sunbathing protects you from cancer.

Been staying out of the sun because of skin cancer risks? It seems the sun protects us against much more serious forms of cancer. Vitamin D does it.

Pre-natal care causes premature births

Bed rest, hospitalization, anti-contraction medication and the whole gambit of medical interventions to stay premature births have all resulted in an increase of premies.

Second Law of thermodynamics experimentally violated? (from Science Journal WSJ)

Finally in the laboratory getting something for nothing has been demonstrated for a significant time. It it like a refrigerator that generates electricity rather than consuming it. It sucks energy out of its environment.

Although the effect only lasted a few seconds it raises the issue of whether machines like the WhitescarverClock could actually be built. The second law is not actually violated by these devices, they are just highly improbable.

See LawsOfThermodynamics, InformationHeatExchanger, Time

New evidence contradicts all leading theories of human evolution.

Two humanoid skull findings reported on last month are turning the evolutionary ladder topsy turvy. They are more humanoid than newer skulls previously discovered, suggesting a longer humanoid history going back at least 7 million years, and exhibit chimpanzee like features that predate modern chimps by several million years suggesting that chimps may have evolved from these humanoids as well as ourselves.

The ladder of evolution we were taught in school has become a tree and is now becoming so bushy that it is unlikely that any particular archaeological find is actually a precursor of anything modern at all. They all seem to be leaves that have fallen of the evolutionary tree. Many, like the neanderthals walked side by side with us until we wiped them out. It has only been in the last 30 thousand years that we only have ourselves left to kill.

See: EvolutionaryGameTheory

See ClassicalLogic, StatisticalThinking, DumbAnimals, CollectiveIntelligence, SkinnersLaw, GoodAndEvil, InformationPhysics, WhyWeDontCollaborate

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