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Introducing the round toit

Don't you wish you could get a round toit? Think of all you could do it you just got around toit. What comes around goes around and when you get a round toit you improve the quality of your life in little ways that add up to TheGoodLife.

Round toits are on special at XanthusInc this week only! Go to http://Xanthus.Net and Choose "Make a Payment" and reserve your Round Toit now! We will send you a Round Toit with free shipping and handling for just three easy payment of $39.95. If at any time your are not satisfied that they are reasonably round, we will gladly refund your purchase price for a small handling fee of $9.95. You can keep the Round Toit as our gift for trying our product. We thank you for your support!

What was the punch line again?

A friend had a round toit, he said it came in real handy, and yeah, I forgot the punch line. What was it? I can't believe I really added this... guess you had to be there. I can be funny but I'm known for DaddyJokes- sure to bring a sigh. -- JimScarver

I've seen these before

I've seen these things on people's desks. (My first jōb was as a janitōr, and I wish they had unicode support here) One minor variation...I'm more familiar with the spelling "tuit". These tuits actually have "TUIT" written on them in capital letters so there's everyone knows exactly what they are. When I first saw RoundToit at this website, the first thought that entered my mind sounded like "Round Twa". -- LorraineLee

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