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The following is the beginning of a collection loose assortment of recent writings that may be useful in a planned article of quantum relativity.

The unification of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics can only be Quantum Relativity, I suppose General Mechanics isn't bad either but Quantum Relativity seems less ambiguous. The InformationNature of the quantum leads to InformationRelativity


Principles of Quantum Relativity

The information nature of the quantum, revealed by Wheeler, Schumacher, Fredkin, Wolfram, Zurek, Zeilinger, Peres, Baez, suggests that quantum relativity not only involves discreteness generating anomalies at the extremes, but that the nature of "it" is "bit", and quantum relativity must invoke a discrete information systems model rather than a unified field theory of Platonic equations, which by Godel, must be incomplete.

1. There is no manifestation without discrimination. Events manifest discriminations.

This formulation applies a Machian view where time, space, energy and mass are manifestation of interacting participants, absorbing and expressing differences that we perceive. This echo's Schumacher's mantras of Information Physics, "No Information Without Representation", and "There is no process without processing".

2. Differences undo differences at their earliest convenience

Discrimination is the process of unveiling differences. In a world where for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, at the bottom layer, differences undo each other in a time independent manner according to the principle of least action.

Schroedinger's equation applies for all systems of statistical thermodynamics. It is a formalization of the second law, stating that differences will probably go to equilibrium. It has been shown to apply to heat transfer in physical systems and should apply equally well to erosion of mountains. It tells us what is probable, it does not tell us that the underlying system is not deterministic and does not tell us what events will actually happen. A system of discrete electron ballistics matches experiment and the expected QM statistics perfectly if you omit a fixed grid in some number of dimensions upon which the logical interaction occurs and must conform to thereby eliminating positional uncertainty.

3 Nothing happens spontaneously. Difference only propogates by undoing equal and opposite differences.

4 Absolute time is the perceived ordering of events (difference propogation). What happens is determined by the fastest clock.

5. Space, or distance maps time independence x=c*t.

6. Difference decompose to binary differences, change or no change. Measurement reveals binary discrimination is equivalent to the Planck action. Its binary nature is consistant logical interaction being

relative but discrete.

The neutrino at rest exemplifies a binary difference in the information model since it has only a singular binary absolute property, spin. It's rest mass is the mass equivalent of the Plank action.

7. Virtual existence is solitary participation in a single discrimination.

8. Existence is participation in events across time.

9. Existence is relative to a set of communicating participants.

10. Pairs of binary differences dynamically manifest time and place (electron) by interaction across space (photons) manifesting our three dimensional plus time realm.

11. Matter consists of difference exchanges in more than two properties (dimensions) enabling 3D interferences with 2D EM signals across timespace.

12. The first approximation of matter is the integer count of the binary difference energy of the Planck action manifest by it's mass by em*c^2, fhe.


QM fails to attribute a definite direction to time, yet experience, and relativity, tells us that no one ever sees any clock ticking backwards and that the ordering of events generated locally by any participant is absolute and agreed to by all observers.

Thus event time is an absolute manifestation of our world consistent with every experiment, not some theory I dreamed up.

Since the events are independent, the orderings are independent and each separate ordering is a dimension.

But we can see obviously that these dimensions are not orthogonal to each other. In fact they seem to be so closely related that it is easy to speculate that they are all parallel and may all actually follow one common same space time dimension.

We can test this by seeing if generating more events generates more spacetime locally or consuming more spacetime consumes more spacetime locally.

So we align spin up electrons in a magnet and see if spacetime is created between them. It is.

We make a great fire of one side of an object (rocket) and we see spacetime manifest on the side having more events. Vacuum consuming events depend on mass, more massive objects consume more space time (gravity). Solar wind of space time events creates space between the sun and the solar sailor.

Thus we determine that clocks are independent, but all go in the same general direction at rates determined by their event counts.

Events are time wherever they occur, at least for the participants. Not all events reach us and make time in our own realm. Events are exchanges in state change rates, energy.

Events are not tiny unless they are hot (high energy), and even then their participant may be light years away making them effectively huge as well. The events falling from under the apple are not heavy, they are just frequencies the earth is tuned into and receiving. They are huge for the most part. The apple simply remains it place to find its reference frame changing at the frequencies it sees.

The Quantum does not exist only on the small scale. It exists on every scale and manifests everything we perceive.

When you add the effects of all the individual independent events we invent some magical action at a distance when the reality is that space just disappeared out from under the apple as its energy was received by the earth and then exiled to the distance future to be received by some other heavily body probably billions of years from now. The bottom line is electrons have NO EFFECT on electrons they don't interact with. The repulsion and attraction we talk about is due to those interactions only. Waves are probabilities, not something physical.

Logic is most certainly discrete as the predicate calculus upon which all mathematics is based is clearly discrete (A->B)->(B->!A), (A-B

B->C)->(A->C). But, Platonic logic doesn't work, nature does not abhor absurdity.

The B and E fields are the same in all Gauge theories, but the viewpoint or measurement is different yielding a separate Gauge theory for each unique problem in QM.

Furthermore QM is incomplete in that it fails to predict the direction of time or the collapse of the wave function. Gauge theories impose a perspective.

And indeed, everything is relative in that it has multiple perspectives. Any Gauge theory is incomplete.

No covariant set of equations based on Platonic logic can tell us what is absolute in this world. This is the meat behind Godel's incompleteness theorem. Just as logic circuits are incomplete without delays in circuit theory, all science derived from Platonic mathematical systems, as Godel shown, cannot be complete and consistent.

Schumacher's quantum bits, qubits, are regular bits that include the time dimension in representing possible futures. Nature does not obey our logical system of preference. We must accept that Godel defeated the law of the excluded middle.

The answer lies in universal logical systems, not static logical systems.

Modeling the relative is infinitely complex as every Gauge theory must be applied for the complete truth. If we model the absolute however, then any desired perspective can be readily computed.

There is no alternative yet to special relativity to explain our measurements. Is is incomplete, confounding, and fails to differentiate the relative from the absolute. It need to be replaced and I will do it if I can. However, those who deny that special relativity give answers that are close to the truth are simply naive or just promoting their own delusions because relativity seems so strange. e does equal m*c^2 pretty closely, really. Likewise the other predictions stand uncontradicted. Basing existence on any equation is wishful thinking, only the experimental data has real existence.

Mass increase interpretation is not wrong. It is just that kinetic energy and relative mass are the same thing related by e=m*c^2. I simply prefer to avoid the possible confusion that objects might some how have absolute speed and things might really get heavy at high speed.

The mass increase is relative, not absolute. But time and matter are only manifest by these relativistic processes so far as we know, thus the rest mass of matter is a kinetic energy propagating in time rather than space, and energy of motion in time is in fact actually mass.

At the bottom layer it really is all relative, if e=m*c^2 is correct, but our in our world of planets and stars and near by galaxies, all at speeds much less than light, we all agree exactly on the time like or space like nature of each of the lion's share of events, creating an illusion of absolute independent time, space, matter and energy in our collaborative participatory existence.

In the final analysis, energy (e) is the inverse perception of time (t) by e=h*f, relating energy to frequency by Plank's constant (h), and time is related to frequency inversely by the integer count (n) of differences. Since the time difference (dt) distinguished is dt=1/f, tndt, giving time as energy, tnh/e, and energy as time e=n*h/t or mass m=nh/(tc^2). Distance (x), or space is also distinguished inversely to energy and directly with time as well since eh*f, fc/dx yield distance as time x=c*t and time as distance and time as distance t=x/c.

The relationships are well known so their relative nature should not be surprising.

But what is time and how is it manifest? What is its absolute nature?

In circuit theory time is the delay element. You cannot build universal logic finitely without delay elements, logic is incomplete without it. It is necessary in all universal systems. It manifests change while dividing the past from the present. It enables iterative processing.

Every unique perspective on each unique problem has different Gauge. Quantum theory alone says nothing about the direction of time or when the wave function collapses. A Gauge theory simple views the problem from a single perspective where the direction of time (high energy to low energy) is presumed allowing a single set of Platonic equations to represent it.

Changes or differences can manifest any of the measurable and can be thought of as any one of them, but time is involved in all perception of difference. Time alone, however, is not complete. We also need the logical interaction of differences. The logical nature of differences is that they can add, cancel, or remain independent.

To answer the question of how measurable are manifest in our world we must examine the nature of synthesis in the world of differences in charge and spin.

The anomalies in SR are small with respect to the solar system. They are significant with respect to the galaxy. M&M results, collider results, and clock difference results, may roughly be plotted in Minkowski space with differing anomalies at the extremes. The Minkowski space however is a superset of of what really might be manifest. All that exists is a convoluted surface representing the now that evolves in ways we don't fully understand yet.

If all is relative how one reckons it is arbitrary and immaterial. MMX shows there is no absolute reference frame. Rotating binary star systems etc. show that light speed is independent of the movement of the source. These two facts together make the general effects of SR undeniable. Data from moving clocks is the icing on the cake showing relativity is very close to the truth. Light speed is apparently the speed of information about events and the speed of time. Energy, space and time are quantized by discrete operators in quantum mechanics and event orderings, relativity fails to account for the effects of this quantization and must fail at the low and high ends. Quantum relativity must replace Einsteins relativity.

The universe is orderly by constriction of event information which never gets mixed up. A universal time frame by all measurements does not exist in our world.

Time and space

time is change, and that everything is clocked by change rate. Changes or events in one place are time or position like, while changes or events in one direction are space like. Motion being relative, if you are moving fast enough what seems time like to you will seems space like to me.

Your (traveler) events to you, time going down, space going across



Your events to me (home body)


You see four change and I only see two in time. Instead I see some of your events across space. This only happens at near light speeds. Discrete quantum interaction favors a tick tick model of time over a continuous one.

See DiscreteRelativity


Energy is simple, based on what we measure at the bottom layer which must manifest everything: changes in quantum state, (p,x,y,z,s) where position (x,y,z) is constrained by momentum (p) and geometry (plate, wire, point (atom)).

All quantum interactions are discrete exchanges between exactly two participants, waves never split, join, add, subtract, of vary in value. The relative momentum of the participating electrons is simply exchanged in integer multiples of the Plank action. There are no secondary little effects or influences between electrons, only discrete interaction.

Position is discrete in units of the Plank length or multiples in quantum theory. Position eigenvalues result from discrete application of eigenfuctions just as energy eigenvalues do. All classical experience is the composite of quantum events.


They have quantum state, p, x, y, z, s, where spin (s) is binary, position x, y, and z, are integers constrained by momentum (p) depending on geometry, plate. wire, point (atom) to integer multiples of the plank action.

We can say that electrons are themselves magnets, and indeed electrons at rest with each other have no energy to exchange with each other. But electrons interact with something pretty often and are not likely to remain at reset for long. And with a magnet having a gazillion electrons of aligned spin it is hard to picture that an electron could be at rest with all of them. Clearly two magnets seem to interact without apparent motion.

Electrons of opposite spin do not interact. They readily occupy the same state. And yet this "inaction", of distinguishing no independent place, manifests attraction due to the net effect of the energetic background pressure (electron - virtual positron interaction/annihilation).

Unary relativity

In unary relativity state is still occupied or not in a binary fashion and differences propagate differences, but, mass equals time equals distance equals a count of binary differences. mvptc. Every event is alike, perspective is not considered. This is the world of photons or pure energy independent of any particular participant. Everything has just one speed in a participatory world where nothing happens unless differences propagate each other.

Binary relativity

In binary relativity we have two speeds, {0,c} manifesting x. While mvptx is technically still true, but the values are only manifest in pairs due to perspective. Energy is manifest directly as changes in momentum dp of electrons, this most of experience. The sums of the changes in position manifest space while the differences manifest time. Position is manifest, in effect, by movement back and forth in one place.

The logical interaction of binary differences may be generalized as manifesting three possible perspectives add, cancel and fold (into an independent dimension) operations which exhibit universal logic network generality by nand-delay equivalence.

Trinary relativity

In trinary relativity we consider three speeds, {0,0.75c,c} where we have space like, time like, and an equal mixture of the two events allowing us to map the natural log in relativity to the binary difference. dx/dt never goes to zero, it goes to events.

Quantum relativity

Differences can be left, right, up, down, forward, back, or time which is no movement at all, or change back to the original, tick-tock. We can think of it like a pendulum, left-right, back to the same position. We can think of an electron or atom being batted in every direction by vacuum energy to stay where it is and each time it fails to make progress in any particular direction it move ahead in time. In one dimension discrete expansions on the left (el) plus the expansions of the right (er) equal time, el+er=t and velocity equals el-er.

a stationary object goes, left right, left right, or tick tock, tick tock, whereas at .5c it goes tick tick tick tock, tick tick tick tock. This is an area where discrete effects become evident and Einstein has errors, I call this area discrete relativity where only discrete speeds such as 0,... 1/4, 1/3, .5c, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5 ... and c exist. It is one step above binary relativity where only speed of 0 or c exist. We can of course add any number of ticks before a tock to get unlimited higher rapidity. But I believe this discrete area is where the galactic scale anomalies come from. 'Pythagoras is not a God in the discrete world where the angles of a triangle may all be like 90 degrees due to binary discrimination.*

You don't get the missing clocks back on the way home, in fact tock tock tock tick, tock tock tock tick, clocks just as slowly as tick tick tick tock. Staying still is the fastest your clock can go. Changing reference frames can only delay you into the future, you can never get it back. Our universe includes only delays there is no undelays.

Infinite rapidity maps to time in the network of event information. c is the speed of time The implication is that no dimensionality exists in this world outside the thin skin of discrete events manifesting the now at each point.

Changes in velocity are changes in reference frame. Applying a force to change frames is equivalent to applying zero force in a frame that moved according to spacetime geometry. One could argue, as I do, that everything has an independent reference which does not change, except relative to other frames by the dynamic local expansion or contraction of space geometry disproportionally in the objects vicinity. The dynamics in spacetime geometry are the net results of local vacuum integration with matter.

Energy propagates energy. Differences undo differences. Space may be considered a soup of virtual electrons and positrons made of low energy signals from the big bang in huge number comprising a significant mass density.

The reception of HUGE low energy big bang signals by earth consumes the vacuum energy exiling it to the distant future. It is rally a rebirth, not the end. But existence from out perspective is consumes, as the energy of space is nearly as great as that of matter but consisting of only one and two dimensional signals that cannot interfere.


If we consider a bunch of objects all stuck together in a world without space or time and start generating events like crazy then each object is accelerated from every other object in its own independent time dimension creating a single thistle like spiky universe. Each spike, however, sees two dimensional photons across time defining a three dimensional instantaneous viewpoint.

-- + --

Quarks are unstable, if you want to "construct" a proton, instead of adding two quarks why not add a neutrino pair to a muon (light proton), which is constructed from an electron and neutrino pair? Two pair of three differences are equivalent to three pair of of two.

quarks are defined by 3 dimensions of discrete differences and electrons by 2. One dimensional neutrino differences must enter in somewhere though they rarely interact there are expected to be a lot of them. I would suppose that independent (orthogonal) one dimensional differences together propagate two dimensional light.

all differences, in any number of dimensions oscillate discretely when clocked. we only need be concerned which what space (distance. energy) , time (position, mass) is actually manifest by events.

Quantum gravity and inertia

We cannot see the low energy waves the earth sees, that is why it manifests a greater inertia and gravity. It is receiving a much greater vacuum energy. Due to the red shift we should expect to see huge amounts of low energy big bang signals. But we can only measure energy relative to our zero point, the energy of the vacuum. Although it cannot be measured directly, except weekly in the Casmir effect and Lamb shift, the energy of the vacuum is obvious in quantum interactions and it's action in manifesting gravity and inertia as shown consistent by Calvet, Haisch, Rueda, Puthoff and others.


Incomplete knowledge

Godel's incompleteness does NOT apply to all axiomatic systems, only Platonic ones. The simple fact is that the law of the excluded middle, that a proposition may be true or false, and there is no third alternative was defeated by Godel.. All systems of Platonic logic using proof by induction are invalid unless they can be shown to be decidable.

Universal logical systems do not have limitations by Godel. Instead they manifest truth relative to logical context. But relative truth is NOT arbitrary, objectivity is maintained by considering all possible logical system to develop knowledge or holistic truth. Not personal perspective, logical perspective. The human perception is wrong. All participants in events are equal in science. The earth is not flat and the sun does not orbit the earth. Perspective not consciousness manifests reality

The simple fact is that quantum THEORY DOES NOT PREDICT THE COLLAPSE OF THE WAVE FUNCTION ever. That's why many worlds is so popular. Ordinary experience suggests the wave function does collapse, and gage theories impart a direction to time by modeling a perspective on the wave function allowing us to get answers where something specific actually happens.

I think we can conclude that it is the perspective of participants in our participatory existence that is responsible for what happens relatively, and that it is the synthesis of the relative experience of participants we communicate with that manifests objective reality.

Peres, in EPR+Shannon, showed clearly how wave collapse is simply informational, what changes is what information is manifest in the system not a change in the system.http://arxiv.org/pdf/quant-ph/0310010

Until you open the box, the cats state has no effect in our world. It is not covariant with anything measurable. It, in effect, does not exist unless it has an effect, from our perspective. You can bet the state of the cat has an effect on participants inside the box.

This explains why out state of knowledge, or information, seem to effect what is, but it is the collection of communicating perspective science must consider, not just the human perspective, which is misleading at best, as, for example, the earth is not flat nor does the sun orbit the earth.

The sort of incomplete knowledge reality manifests is not resolvable.

First of all the objective present does not exist yet. How present events will be manifest is determined 50% by measurement choices of future participants. We cannot know what is not yet determined. Quantum magic in knowing the future a delusion because the theory does not allow for separating causes and effects, it has no direction in time, it allows no events without full participation of a future participant. Taking QM literally, shining a flashlight into space could not drain the batteries without the participation of observers in the distant future. Our ignorance of the future, however, cannot be overcome.

The problem however is more fundamental. What happens at any point is determined by the entire universe acting at that point at this time. The vacuum energy can only be approximated by pseudo random models. It can never predicted exactly.

The final blow to complete knowledge of the quantum is the private and secrete nature of interactions themselves. Energy exchange, or quantum interactions, from the information perspective manifest quantum communications which have no witnesses other than the participants who each get only incomplete information about relative state change rate changes. State and state changes are never manifest directly and only the second degree differences of state are manifest in so far as they are indirectly communicated to third party participants.

The bad news is that quantum uncertainty is not resolvable. The good news is that we have no reason to expect that the laws of physics in quantum systems is any different than in systems we do have information about and the apparent determinism of our world is no coincident. The cosmos, the cat in the box, and the interior of the atom may be expected to obey the same simple laws of physics.

Discrete nature

The wave equation looks continuous, but that is an illusion. When you renormalize, removing all the infinities it becomes the discrete application of discreet quantum operators manifesting integer multiples of the plank action or binary difference.

All we can perceive are differences. Differences decompose only to binary differences, change of no change. Binary differences add only to integer differences.

In business nobody uses floating point (real) numbers for accounting, you would always get round off errors, you could never get answers where the pennies come out right.

In physics we can calculate the continuous wave functions to some precision but why bother? The basic exchanges of momentum manifesting energy and everything of integral. We can get exact answers if we calculate from the bottom up where there are no infinities to begin with to remove.

In addition there is one infinity that should not be removed which is why quantum physics cannot predict the direction of time. The fastest clock in any system drives the whole system.

Why E=M*C^2.

e=m*c^2 because of the sneaky nature of neutrinos.

We know that the neutrino only has one absolute property, spin, a binary property. Oscillation and motion (kinetic energy) are relative properties. Thus I assert that neutrinos and binary differences are equivalent.

We know also from measurement (Zeilinger, Zurek) that binary discrimination it equivalent to the plank action. A binary discrimination is equivalent to a binary differences and therefore a plank action is equivalent to a neutrino.

Therefore, the rest mass, m0, or absolute mass, of the neutrino is the energy of the Plank action.

We know that quantum state differences propagate two dimensional differences at the speed of light, c. If we assume these state differences can be reduced to binary differences, change, or no change, then we can say state changes manifest binary differences in motion.

Therefore energy is composed of neutrinos in motion and , that

Therefore a kinetic energy = 1/2 m0c^2, for each neutrino in two dimensions of a the photon at energy level n (count of discrete state differences), m=2nm0, is therefore:

e = m*c^2

At the bottom layer there are only two speeds, zero or c, in what I call Binary Relativity. We are stationary when we are receiving equal energy on all sides otherwise we are accelerating according to the imbalance. We can't exceed c because it is the only speed there is in the limit when all of the neutrinos composing a body (binary differences) are manifest as energy (moving) rather than mass (at rest).

The kinetic energy 1/2 m0c^2 accounts for the relative change in discrete position, the neutrino also possesses its original binary dimension of change which increases the difference number to two in a neutrino having relative motion, and thus twice the energy.


See SR, ExperienceModel, WhitescarverModel, ObjectiveInformationPhysics

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