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The idea that a particle interacts with itself backwards in time to create interference patterns is misleading at best. The idea that this represents some sort of understood phenomonon of waves is not supported. The idea that inteference must be associated with continuous phenomonon is wrong. The idea that a particle takes all paths, such as in the double slit experiment is unreasonable and wrong.

The presents of the two holes determines what is possible. But the photon will take one path which can generally be determined after the fact by measuring travel time, angle of incidence, or other measurement made after the path has been taken. It is not possible to make a discrimination at the holes without effecting the possible outcomes. While the "it takes all paths forward and backwards in time" approach is useful in getting answers to problems in quantum theory, a much more sensible explanation for why the probabilities act that way is because because its path is determined along independently manifest resonant grids with self-similar (same energy and spin) pathways which are possible by quantum logical operations. The idea that the photon interferes with its future self works statistically, but self interaction would generate infinities and are actively excluded by the process of renormalization suggesting strongly that they do not occur.

Vacuum interaction perfectly propagate signals consisting of alternating differences at specific frequencies in two orthogonal directions with binary orientation. The change in local charge and spin due to the occupation or abandonment of a particular state in quantum state space by an electron, is the basic change, or difference manifest in the quantum, in discrete multiples of Plank actions. This action invokes an equal and opposite reaction. This ultimately creates a resonant structure of possible interactions, or what becomes communication of state change rates which communicate momentum. The alternations are at specific distances which, at least momentarily, defines a grid of possible interactions on the plain of orientation. This represents a virtual grid of virtual electron-positron pair in Dirac's soup which evolves along with possible interactions. These grids are responsible for interference patterns.

It seems clear by the interference patters that individual interactions are confined by these resonant grids defined by the paths allowed by interation of self similar differences because interaction can only accur a discrete intervals between opposing identicle differences of the same size. What is communicated is a state change rate, or equivalently a change in momentum. We need not consider particles or waves, just the commincation of momentum. Any experimenter interaction destroys the confinement to a particular resonant grid by introducing an independent event. Any change in the possible paths by quantum logical propagation can change our ability to detect the presents of these grids of possible interactions.

The basic thing interference patters tells us is that the vacuum energy may be structured by frequency according to perspective. The details of how what happens statistically over time is effected by what is possible is a most interesting property of the quantum. It is not necessarily weird since there are many logical explanations for how it can be that way. The jury is still out on how it really works.


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