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Quantum Event Time-space (QET) is a theory of everything (T.O.E.). It unifies quantum electrodynamics and general relativity and demystifies quantum strangeness.

In short, the physical universe is described by the familiar differential equations of physics. But dx/dt fails to reach zero as a limit. It is manifest in discrete Quanta|. These binary differentials may be seen to add, cancel, or fold into another dimension universally propagating (transmission, emission) alternative future perceptions (reception, absorption) which are resolved by the receiver's perspective (observational window) manifesting everything.

It consists of an ExperienceModel and a SyntheticModel. The ExperienceModel avoids all aspects of theory, except as manifest by the data modeling the relative information we perceive. The SyntheticModel models the unseen underlying absolute phenomonon.

1. Only relative information is manifest in our observational window about the underlying absolute reality. Space and time are manifestations of these relative events not the underlying reality. Relative event ordering manifests space, absolute ordering manifest Time.

2. space manifests relative time by a constant relationship

3. time flows by a count of events

4. relative movement through space delays your clock by a relationship such that absolute time orderings are not violated. Instantaneous or one event travel, delays your clock by distance / c. (increasing relative mass is just a convoluted way of accounting for this time difference)

5. events manifest space and time, entropy (of the ZeroPointEnergy) manifests gravity. (warped space-time is just a convoluted way of accounting for the past space time lost to the chaos in matter and ultimately randomized into the distant future.)

6. the physics of the unobservable underlying absolute reality can be modeled most simply by logically interacting quantum dimensions that account for the observed relative phenomenon.

7. For every quantum action there is an opposite reaction.

  • electrons exclude one another defining space time over any distance
  • the state change in electron interactions is mirrored by each electron.
  • microcosmic quantum reaction manifests macrocosmic reactions with conservation of energy (information).

8. Communicating objects are manifest as receivers and transmitters of electromagnetic information. Objects behave as antenna which internalize past state change information of equal or lesser logical state space size annihilating the received signal. Over time equivalent state change is broadcast into the future by the quantum reaction principle (7).

- the universe is radios all the way down :)

9. Light paths define space and time. The equations of classical physics and relativity are consistent with the experience model on the macrocosm, but in the microcosm dx/dt in these equations does not go to zero in the experience model, it goes to events, or light paths.

10. Logical genesis occurs through perspective and composition. Logical perpectives generate possibilities only. 1+1=3. yin plus yang equals yin yang by composition. yang yin yang and yin yang yin are generated logically by contrasting a part with the whole.

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