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Nature is ultimately composed of differences; only changes are measurable or manifest. Changes are reducible to BinaryDifferentials, which propagate deterministically, defining logically unbounded dimensions of related differences, or perceived interaction of QuantumDifferentials and the universal systems generates by simple add, cancel, or exclude (fold into another dimension) operation.

It is clear from experience that mass and energy do not behave like either particles or waves and that space is nearly as massive per unit volume as matter(ZPE). Nothing waves like a sine waves, and nothing does not oscillate at discrete intervals.

We can deduce from experience that a QuantumDifferential is a binary differential|. Differences of unknown origin from the beginning of time propagate endlessly defining space, time, mass and energy.

We have discovered (Zieglinger/Zweig? see InformationPhysics) that in the quantum, information equals energy, and reality is only discriminated to the extent that it is differentiated by energy in a set of binary discriminations.

Why is measurement, experience, and manifestation, binary? It seems apparent that the logical structure of the universe is composed of doubler/dividers.

Examining the logical nature of binary differential| interaction we discover we may have independence (exclusion) or combination (add or cancel). Independence manifests dimensionality, and ultimately the independence of clocks, in a world where every object has an independent clock, or absolute event sequence. The rate, or frequency of quantum differentials is defined by mass, me/c^2, ehnu, nu=mc^2/h.

If quantum differentials combine, you get double or nothing; they add or cancel, suggesting a logical explanation for BinaryHarmonicCosmology. They add backwards in a sense, double the energy differentiates half the time or half the distance. These differentials have a singular property, we can call spin that reflect trinary orientation which is the same when they add, opposite when they cancel and orthogonal when they are independent and do neither. Doubling manifests differentiation, defining space and time, synthesizing time, space, energy, existence. Canceling defines nothing from something (entropy). For example, we can see how space is defined between magnets with spins aligned, and how it dissolves when spins are opposing.

Two independent differentials define the four points of a discrete unit tetrahedron, add a third to the mix and get once, twice, or three times the energy, but not zero, while defining discrete tetrahedrons or a unit hyper tetrahedron to boot.

There is no cause to speculate that anything happens spontaneously. In our experience, everything has a cause. Differences propagate deteministically. Differences propagate each other like QuantumClockwork.


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