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Series of three books ISBN:0133281051 by P.J.Plauger from his monthly column in 'Computer Language'. The series mainly looks at people issues in software development.

Here is an idea of some of the flavour of the book:

 Lawyers' if it goes to court you are already losing.  Legal terms (e.g. software licenses) should be written for people reading them, not for the judge, so that it is obvious who will win without going to court.'

 'Every Software Project Must be slightly out of control.  Software isn't like bridge building.  It always is breaking new ground.'
 'As a manager, at a certain point you must make a project boring.  Software enthusiasts love tinkering with the code adding cool features.  At a certain point you have to prohibit new cool features and focus on getting the product out the door.  At this point the programmer's only way to do cool stuff again is to push the product out the door'


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