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Edgar Allen Poe (of all people) said some interesting things about the universe and its finiteness circa 1848...

Following article in the NYTimes may be of interest to many here... Enjoy==== -- jdi ==== http://www.nytimes.com/2002/11/02/arts/02TANK.html

much more here http://www.bo.astro.it/~cappi/poe1.html scerir

That is so awesome==== Here is the text! ==== "http://xroads.virginia.edu/~HYPER/poe/eureka.html

"What I here propound is true:- * therefore it cannot die:- or if by any means it be now trodden down so that it die, it will "rise again to the Life Everlasting." Nevertheless it is as a Poem only that I wish this work to be judged after I am dead."

Perhaps he did see the truth...

"My general proposition, then, is this: -- In the Original Unity of the First Thing lies the Secondary Cause of All Things, with the Germ of their Inevitable Annihilation."

"Cultivating the natural sciences to the exclusion of Metaphysics, the Mathematics, and Logic, many of these Bacon-engendered philosophers -- one-idead, one-sided and lame of a leg -- were more wretchedly helpless -- more miserably ignorant, in view of all the comprehensible objects of knowledge, than the veriest unlettered hind who proves that he knows something at least, in admitting that he knows absolutely nothing." -- What an indictment of Science...

He suggests that the division of the physical from the mental and spiritual is somewhat arbitrary...

He goes on and on about their not being preferred or absolute axioms like I do.... great minds...

He shows the aburbity of silly forces at a distance where everything is somehow aware of everything and atracts everything and turns this notion of gravity on it's head.

"In saying, generally, that the irradiation proceeds in direct proportion with the squares of the distances, we use the term irradiation to express the degree of the diffusion as we proceed outwardly from the centre. Conversing the idea, and employing the word "concentralization" to express the degree of the drawing together as we come back toward the centre from an outward position, we may say that concentralization proceeds inversely as the squares of the distances. In other words, we have reached the conclusion that, on the hypothesis that matter was originally irradiated from a centre and is now returning to it, the concentralization, in the return, proceeds exactly as we know the force of gravitation to proceed." -- almost my discription of fluid space and time...

He goes on and on some more about the universe not being constrained to any specific axiomatic system. I read into that the realization that the constraints on the universe are logical not physical.

An he goes on and on about how the universe is finite...

Then he describes gravity as shrinking. He attempt to describe how rings within rings emerge as that which has expanded through radiation compresses back toward the oneness it emerged from. He seems to me to be eluding to entropy as the cause.

He also predicts the clumpyness, "cluster of clusters" we are still discovering.

He seems to predict Einstein's revelation of gravitational bending of space.

" It would scarcely be paradoxical to say that a flash of lightning itself, traveling forever upon the circumference of this unutterable circle, would still, forever, be traveling in a straight line."

Then he describes gravity precisely as we do in quantum event time space, "state of progressive collapse".

"I have referred the various phenomena of electricity, heat, light, magnetism; and more -- of vitality, consciousness, and thought -- in a word, of spirituality. It will be seen, at once, then, that the ether thus conceived is radically distinct from the ether of the astronomers; inasmuch as theirs is matter and mine not."

That rings to me of an information universe...

"Attraction and Repulsion are Matter" -- the universe is composes of events? close...

"'Attraction' and 'Repulsion' taken together, as equivalent, and therefore convertible, expressions of Logic." -- WOW==== Sounds like a new ==== kind of science to me. He sure does seems to be saying it is a logical, not physical universe....

He has described and defended:

# finite nature.
# information universe.
# quantum gravity as collapsing space and time.

I think he got it.

The only thing I disagree with is Poe's assumption that the universe will achieve the nothingness it seeks and then no doubt recur. The third law insures that can never happen, the universe will not attain absolute zero in finite time, events are forever.

I am obsessed by his vision. It is similar to having read 2000 year old Indian philosophy descriptions of quantum causality. It is as though anyone willing to ask the tough questions, like Wheeler, gets the answers. This is because, if you are not married to any axiomatic system, the information universe exists independently of existence or thought exhibiting the universal properties of the universal physics of universal information.

On the metaphysical side, Poe has expressed that which many illuminates confess-- that one small brain cannot contain the totality of truth and that the answers are ultimately manifest to us in our greater common mind and beyond that in the mind of existence itself.

But we are not poets, we are information physicists, and in that regard we need only consider the world of stars he arbitrarily confined his argument to.

Let me try to summarize his thesis.

Repultions and attractions, resulting from a disturbance seeking equilibrium, simply manifest the world of light and the world of gravity.

Complex systems of these manifest everything.

Very promising electro-magnetic interpretations of inertia and gravity are bearing out Poe's conjecture. I do not doubt that Poe is right.

His foresight that even a flashlight would follow the curve of the gravitational circle because it is discrete not continuous proved, to me, that his understanding was complete. He completed the unification of the quantum and general relativity within the domain he defined.

We now know that repultions and attractions are manifestations corresponding to refusal or occupation of quantum state space of ballistic electrons. These four dimensional state spaces are loosely connected in that they map in to our 3 dimensional perceptions. Objects have a hidden inner dimension. Real quantum differentials not only attract and repel (add and subtract), they can also be perceived at being independent, and manifest another dimension. We now know the mechanism by which Poe's vision can be manifest. Poe seemed somehow knew that these storms of attractions and reputations would manifest matter, predicting special relativity (e=mc2).

Poe does not predict truly inflationary existence, he did not express that in a changing world, things aiming toward their past will always miss it in the future. Annihilation is a moving target that has become impossible to achieve. All that still exists at least conserves information as accounted for by energy. And relative truth creates explosions of information by deception (errors, ambiguities). The next fractal dimension of existence is not another disturbance created by God, it is the organization on a much grander scale of time and space that will emerge when the quantum is manifest on a greater scale in our cold distant future.

-- JimScarver

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