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PhpWiki is non standard and not well supported lately. WikiWorld moved to a [new server] with [php5]. Running WikiWorld failed miserably using either the php4 version it was using or importing into the latest php5 version, so WE decided it was time to convert to a more standard wiki, the one used by [Wikipedia].

We used shell and sed like this:

I enhanced it to encode bare WikiWords, %%% newlines, and <verbatim> markups

 cat phpwikiconvert
# typeset markup
s/_\([^_]*\)_/''\1''/g  # italic -- OK
s/\*\([^\*]*\)\*/'''\1'''/g  # boldface -- OK
s!=\([^=]*\)=!<code>\1</code>!g  # fixed-width -- OK

# header markup -- OK

# table markup (hopefully)
s!^|!|-\n|!g  # convert row start -- OK
s!.*plugin OldStyleTable.*!\{\|!  # convert table start -- mostly OK
s!^?>$!\|\}!  # convert table end -- mostly OK

# link markup
s!\[\(.*\)|\(http.*\)]![\2 \1]!g  # url format -- OK
s!\[\(.*\)|\(.*\)\]![\2|\1]!g  # switch display and link text -- OK
s!\[\([^]]*\)\]![[\1]]!g  # double bracketize -- OK
s!\[\[\(http.*\)\]\]![\1]!g  # undo double-bracketing urls by above -- OK

# redirects
s!<?plugin RedirectTo page=\(.*\)?>!#REDIRECT [[\1]]!

# quotes

# %%% newlines - jim
s!</vertatim>!</ pre>! # take out space b4 running - jim
#wikiwords - jim - allowing numbers added afterwards
s/ \([A-Z][a-z0-9][a-z0-9]*[A-Z][A-Za-z0-9]*\)/ [[\1]]/g

Files in the converted directory containing double back slashes got errors which I fixed by hand

grep -l "\\\\\\\\" * # will list any having double slashes

Files orginally having space in the name were not loaded with spaces in the name so I updated the load script to fix that.

for file in *; do
title=`echo $file|sed 's!/!/!g;s|_| |g'|perl -n -e "print ucfirst;"`
cat <<END | mysql -u <username> -p<password> <databasename>
(page_id, page_namespace, page_title, page_counter, page_restrictions, page_is_redirect, page_is_new, page_random, page_touched, page_latest, page_len)
(NULL,0, "$title", 0,'', 0, 1, RAND(), NOW() 0, 0, LENGTH("`cat $file`"));

INSERT INTO text (old_id, old_text, old_flags)
VALUES (NULL, "`cat $file`", "utf-8");

INSERT INTO revision
(rev_id, rev_page, rev_text_id, rev_comment, rev_minor_edit, rev_user, rev_user_text, rev_timestamp)
SELECT NULL, page_id, LAST_INSERT_ID(),"PhpWikiMigration", 0, 1 ,"Admin", NOW() 0 FROM page WHERE page_title = "$title";

UPDATE page,revision
SET page.page_latest = LAST_INSERT_ID()
WHERE page.page_id = revision.rev_page
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