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I am an artist living in Australia

AnewGo is an art piece which I began on March 3 2003 to explore a collaborative creative process, with the goal of establishing a distributed state, therefore providing a new organ for political expression for people everywhere.

Hello Phillip, that was a most appreciated insight into this wiki! :) What medium do you work in? I have a history in photography, but haven't shot in a while. Check out this wiki greenhouse Best, MarkDilley

Thanks, that wiki is amazing. I mess with a lot of electronic stuff, though net stuff has been the medium for some time, I did an arts vritual commuity in australia for a while. - Phil

Some people probably have noticed my spelling is not the best. I am a stuggling dyslexic . This may explain why I chose art as a career, but as karma would have it, I spend a lot of time writing.

It may be possible I share this with Jim.

Discussions with my unwell self known as PhilBo

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