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A Handle


I heard about your accident. I hope you get well quickly, have a full recovery, and find ways of keeping your mind happily entertained while you are recovering. ---StarPilot --JimScarver

Sorry about the accident. Get well soon -- BayleShanks

Any news on Phillip's accident? -- BayleShanks

News and some thoughts - Phil

My Accident was a terrible bout of depression which lead to nasty alcholism where i nearly ended up dead.

I didn't.

I am still in the first stage of recovery but proceeding well.

It's a pity but AnewGo has no growth, possibly caused by it's confused nature. I wished for the growth of a disribited state dedicated to peaceful pusuits, by the arguements for and against the use of weapons, growth has been stunted. This is very unproductive. -Phil

Sorry to hear about your problems, but... don't blame AnewGo's lack of growth on "Confused State". And the discussions on when it is and isn't appropriate to do something has not in the slightest stunted it. On the contrary, they helped AnewGo. Discussion and debate are key elements to any democracry. Its part of the process for how a collective arrives at a consensus. It also establishes that the consensus hasn't changed. Your lack of understanding of this again reinforces to me that you aren't interested in forming a consensus of what the Majority believe, but rather, of finding some forum to impose your views on the Majority. Remember, AnewGo is a democracy... the Tyranny of the Biggest Mob over all others. When push comes to shove, at least 4 billion people in the world believe it is alright to kill their fellow human being to protect their children and families. What the Majority Mob disagrees on, is what is a threat to their children and family.

AnewGo hasn't gone any further because people are busy in their real lives, and frankly, because you keep whining about it "not being what you meant". The whining makes it look as if you don't believe in what it is... But then, you stated you started it to protest the fact that you don't like how Bush and Blair are not in jail for life, because they were willing to act on their beliefs and convictions, putting their careers and lives in jeapordy, and you were not willing to do the same.

You've got to get over the fact that you have zero control over the "Democracy" of the group. AnewGo, if it continues to move forward, will never be under yours, or any one participating member's, control. That's Democracy. The mob rules it. The mob determines what is important, what is not, what direction it goes in, and what direction it will not. You can try to influence the mob, so that it goes in a wiser direction then it would without your guidance, but whining and complaining will never, ever, shift a mob. It takes logic, reasoning, and emotively engaging the mob so they are receptive listeners.

You want personal power? Go out and build your own personal religious cult. Run for your local legislature. Or become a deal facilitor in Hollywood. You want to participate in the committee of all stomachs and no brains that is the beast of Democracy? Then do so. You want your positions considered? Then reason, joke, even make fun of... but never whine. Adults, especially parents, are conditioned to tune out whiners. People who whine do not have a legimate point. When something is important, people yell or cry or talk very quietly. But they never, ever, whine. Whining is looking for sympathy and validation, not persuasion and consideration. If people don't have to put up with you (ie, your their main squeeze box, child, landlord, boss), they'll just start avoiding you to avoid the whining. Whether its mentally tuning you out, or they just stop inviting you over.

These are all simple, easy life lessons in human behavior most adults intuitively understand (based on their life experience). There's a reason "the whiner" is the lowest member of the stereotypical Western cliques... and that's why.

You want AnewGo to grow, get more people to participate in it. But every person you add will dilute your personal power over it that much more. So I don't believe you will add even one person. The views you are championing are not majority views, and each person added would therefore more marginalize your championed viewpoint.

I've invited many people to participate. People that I engage in debates elsewhere. Many have looked at WikiWorld, and thought it interesting. And they've looked at AnewGo... and decided it wasn't worth participating in a community where the "founder" whines when he doesn't get his way. They get enough whining when they are home and their little ones want more sweets or not to eat their brussel sprouts.

Remember that... when you use AnewGo as your signiture, you are stating that you are the embodiment of all of AnewGo. And you have not always been bright, cheerful, and best foot forward under 'AnewGo'.

If AnewGo fails to meet your expectations, you should start looking at yourself, what you've done, and what you continue to bring, to AnewGo. Did you do enough? Did you encourage? It's a collective effort, and starting by blaming others for its "failure" is not the correct way to improve or grow AnewGo. Blaming others is merely a tool of your own rationalization. If you don't like where the mob goes, change the mob. In this case, bring in like minded friends and associates, and perhaps they might be able to reason with the "old consensus" and persuade them to change their position. But otherwise, all you are doing is contributing to the lack of AnewGo's growth... and being an active obstacle.

Also, you need to learn patience. No "revolution" happened over night. It usually took many long years, if not 'GENERATIONS', for things to change. Just because you can now whine to poeple half way around the world instantly, doesn't change the nature of Man, nor of his power structures, his social structures, nor his community. People are what they are, and they adapt to whatever is new so that they change the least, that their society is changed the least. The status quo is safe, even if it sucks. So long as people can love who they want, and raise their family under the status quo, they have no reason to revolt. And without a reason to revolt, a revolution moves at glacial pace. Get used to it, so you don't cause yourself any unnecessary stress nor unnecessary depression.

Some simple advice from an old revolutionary... And get happy and well soon. ---StarPilot


i'm much better now thankyou

it seems it needs a complete rethink.

pity the "AnewGo" sign has caused such a problem, as it was purely the way i learnt wiki technology when i started.

reflecting on the Augustinian Just War theory that powers the present, i may have to refute that first.

yes sorry that my medical condition interfeared. -Phil

Hey, I'm sorry you had such problems. I hope that you have more happy and fun days then dark or boring ones, and that your problems in the future are always smaller then what you've already overcome.

As far as AnewGo though... we need more participants. Invite your friends. Invite your enemies. And six months from now, invite them again. Right NOW is the winter holiday season (in the Northern Hemisphere)... people will generally be very wrapped in what is going on in their real life. Its just part of HowThingsAre, so don't be surprised if "noone" has any time for something. And because they have no time free, checking out here will slip their mind, and they generally won't remember when things get back down to the normal level of chaos they call calm. That's why you remind them in six months. ;)

No worries, pal. The revoluntaries are out there... they are just busy at the moment, dealing with the moment. They'll get around to having time to think about, and worry about, the future soon enough. Just don't give up trying to spread the word because of a few slow months.


I've been thinking, now recovered, (i thought i had prevoiusly recovered, and stopped the medication, bad mistake.) Anyway AnewGoPacifica can be the solution; Jim and i can move there and u guys can stay in AnewGo.

In AnewGoPacifica the common agreement from the outset is "absolute pacifism" Because AnewGoPacifica shares geography and seeks to coexist with existing nation states using NewLaw if the situation of violence does occur it becomes a police matter of the respective geographical nation state. Therefore AnewGoPacifica does not have to recognise the "Just War theory"

Very Cool. So you put all matters of physical issues (security, policing, etc) on the existing GeoPolitical state, and thereby reduce them out of AnewGo? Very neat and tidy... until AnewGo takes over the world, at least. ;-)


Not exactly only for AnewGoPacifica , AnewGo can do what it likes.

Having different branches of AnewGo for different philosophies is a wonderful idea. I'm not sure I can subscribe to AnewGoPacifica, however, as I believe we must be willing to fight to support each others freedom to live TheGoodLife in ones own way, whether we agree with them or not. We must ban together in tolerance, decentralization, and the support of diversity to defeat the bullies and thrive. --JimScarver

That's fine :) I plan AnewGoPacifica on a Wiki on an Australian server. I thank you ppl for allowing me to learn wiki and test ideas.--Phil

It's been fun having you as part of the vocal WE. I hope that you stick around for a very long time, have lots of fun, and continue to test many ideas. :-D --- StarPilot

Thanks, it's ood going through a larval stage, ;) since AnewGo is still so tiny, almost no-one i know except you We can understand what i am trying to do. I suppose my culture of arts is quite a way from yours of computing.

Anyway i've just discovered WalaWiki which is a very simple wiki which i can install on a free server to experiment further with this form of comunication - Phil

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