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Organizational effectiveness is often inversely related to the size of the organization. See AdministratiumAtom. Organizations tend to operate intellectually, with the lowest common denominator rather than the CollectiveIntelligence.

InformationTechnology has made great strides in improving individual productivity. Effective individuals do help make effective organizations. Effective individuals however can be made more effective within an organization by reducing the redundancies and improving communication and synergies in the organization. This is the object of organizational productivity services.

  • Email - limited utility, most effective for one on one and broadcast. POP, IMAP, SMTP, digital signitures, SMIME
  • Discussion groups, newsgroups, NNTP
  • Secure instant messaging
  • Collaborative authoring
  • Collaborative knowledge acquisition
  • Task coordination, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)
  • GroupWare
  • Inquire networking amoung peers
  • Group Decision Support
  • Collaborative teaching and learning with Advanced Distance Learning (ADL) standards
  * Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)
  * Instructional Management Systems (IMS)
  * Computer Based Training (CBT), AICC

InformationTechnology for organizational productivity should be simple, accessible, and reliable. The technology should be flexible to enable the group processes, not strict and limiting.

XanthusInc, through the EIES Legacy, is experienced at creating useful organizational productivity services with transparent underlying InformationTechnology.

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