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Objective Information Physics is Wolfram's ANewKindOfScience in the extreme. It demands that only empirical information is modeled and holds that empirical information can be distinguished from definitions and theory.

It accomplishes objectivity by abandoning the Platonic notion of truth and employing truth as defined by Shannon in InformationTheory. This overrules the law of the excluded middle and employs FutureValue evidenced by quantum and evolutionary logic.

Quantum logic has broken the mold of the classical concept of how Truth must be manifest. Empirical information has trumped the axioms of logic once thought to be God given.

Objective information physics may be applied applied to many areas of analysis both theoretical, including non-standard logic and game theory, and practical including chemistry, biology, economics, and even knowledge management.

In InformationTheory Shannon defined a sender and a receiver of a signal on a channel.

Information is always a measure of the decrease of uncertainty at a receiver.

The objective information model assumes only that the universe is one of the countable logical systems as defined by Turing. Just as we can enumerate all conceivable mathematical systems as the countable axioms of predicate calculus, we can enumerate all conceivable logical systems. If the universe is in that set, then it is comprehensible. If it is not, study of it would be fruitless and thus far measurement has not contradicted the assumption that the universe is logical despite the MythOfUncertainty. While Truth proves to be relative, not absolute, it is by no means arbitrary. A bivalued variable may be yin, or Yang, depending on perspective. In effect, upside down truth is false, legitimizing its converse. The nature of truth cannot be dictated.

Unlike the predicate calculus, we cannot exclude absurd statements. Universal logic includes are logical statements whether that obey the Platonic axioms or not. We must redefine logical to include the ridiculous as Truth proves to be dependent on logical context.

We include the set of all communicating participants (senders and receivers of effects/signals) and consider the information theoretical possibilities for effects received to reveal the state of the sender, the local resulting state change of the participant, and subsequent emission comprising an information system.

The viewpoint of one participant is a subjective view.

The viewpoint of all relevant participants is the objective view.

We can characterize, and organize, empirical assertions as being consistent with a set of observers with some quantifiable covariance or contradiction.

We can never know that we have considered the viewpoint of all relevant participants (stake holders). But we can order objective statements by how large a set of participants they represent. While we have a bias for local interpretation, it is the widest interpretation that is the most objective. A viewpoint considering a larger set of participants can always be demonstrated to provide a more objective viewpoint. For example, the idea that the earth is flat can easily be debunked by a martian and the greater set of other participants not standing on the earth.

In physics, surprisingly we find Nature obeys information nature which is constrained logically and requires no physical restraints, manifesting Wheeler's It from bit.

Subjectively it is true that we discriminate reality by discerning differences. The closer we look the harder it is to discern any difference, At some point we make a distinction, there is a difference, or there is no difference. At this point it is a binary discrimination, difference or no difference. A is distinct from B or it is not. Miraculously the binary difference turns our to be equivalent to the Plank action. Objective reality turns out to be also composed of binary differences at the bottom layer.

The reductionist approach leads us to Plank actions at the bottom layer, the future of science is understanding what such actions manifest.

Physics once included many separate forces and effects. The reductionist path of physics have broken this down to the the smallest measurable, the Plank action. Plank actions come in only one flavor but manifests all the forces and effects manifest, some of which we are just beginning to understand. Heat is now understood as simply the kinetic energy of molecules now understood to be manifest by electron ballistics which is turn is manifest by, or equivalent to, photon ballistics. The momentum exchanges manifest mass times velocity. These momentums occupy quantum state in a manner that necessarily projects the perception of our notions of space, time, matter and energy.

We find that the system exhibits universal computing by equivalence to nand-delay networks. The quantum logical clockwork may be viewed as general purpose computation. This does not preclude the physical model of interacting differences, instead it provides a framework for modeling it. Everything is combined into a single mechanism of alternating differences which manifest energy as timespace intervals in units of Plank actions.

Alternating differences manifest the oscillations we perceive discretely, by interactions. Interactions have an absolute existence which define discrete relative spacetime intervals by the occupation of their RelativeStateSpaces.

Only integer values of Plank actions are manifest in measurement. If we accept the existence of nothing more we discover a universe that is finite and comprehensible.

Attempts of relative differences to occupy the same state (Pauli) cannot be physically prevented when we consider relative state spaces in relative motion, but logically, conflicts define a reflection, and expansion of occupied state space which is the expansion of spacetime itself and magically the differences never occupied the same state after all, as independent localities are dynamically manifest.

Position thus manifest has no pre-existence and therefore need not be bound to be dependent on any pre-existing dimension. Indeed, if all that exists is the reflections then it's all done with mirrors and nothing exists really, except the participants, and the signals they exchange.

Understanding what is possible by Plank action is not always simple. QuantumInterference implies anomalies that suggest resonant structures of what is possible along all possible paths. Self interference is not consistent with waves or particles. It is consistent with emergent resonant grids of self similar quantum interactions (quantum logic, Planck actions) defining space and time dynamically.

The viewpoint of one participant is a subjective view.

The viewpoint of all relevant participants is the objective view. The only possible participants we know of are those that resonate.

We find that extreme interpretations must be excluded as we all agree that light traveled from the sun to our eyes. Both quantum theory and relativity allow there to be a participant who sees the high energy electron in your eye to balance a low energy electron in the sun, seeing the photon traveling from your eye to the sun. The participants who see this opposite exchange are too fast in speed and slow in time, and not relevant to our world as they fail to agree with any "reasonable" participant and do not have any effect in our would we have measured yet. While we cannot totally exclude such a participant absolutely, we can exclude them to a high prprobability. And that is all truth is in ObjectiveInformationPhysics, a conditional probability. The probability that the photon went from your eye to the sun is comparable to a pot on a hot stove freezing. In the significant information ununiverse that has not happened. The sun is hot, your eye is cold, energy goes from hot to cold. Participants in a realm where our hot and their cold are reversed, except in exceptional circumstance, do not exist, for any practical purpose.

Event orderings across time and space are agreed to have a space like (distance) or time like (position) manifestation based on perspective. Reasonable participants generally agree on the time like or space like nature of these intervals. Local events at any participant occur in an absolute order defining an independent dimension of time. Participants cannot agree on the time ordering of events across space. But time going one way for all participants is all that is really absolute, as the events happening now complete, and then future events are manifest discretely, defines all that exists in this world that we have any information on. Our perceptions of RelativeStateSpace are similar, our perception of momentum and position co-vary, discreetly, but our time dimensions are independent. Each participant manifests an independent dimension of time leading to DiscreteRelativity.

Reality that is not distinguished is not manifest. There is no information without discrimination. Existence is participatory since existence is a collaboration of that which is distinguished, and that which distinguishes it.

Synergy is the logical mechanism of creation which manifests existence, It, from Bit as logic is discrete and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts discretely. The WhitescarverClock demonstrates how information is resurrected in the information universe. This principle has been well demonstrated in Brownian ratchets. http://monet.physik.unibas.ch/~elmer/bm/ http://www.fzu.cz/~slanina/bookmark_files/bkm1.html

All information about the meaning of the original bits of the universe has, for all practical purposes been lost. It should not be a surprise that the information that exists in our information ecology is not pristine, and has been resurrected by discrete logic from the ashes of the past. Yet it is a wonderful surprise. It allows our existence to be unconstrained by the past.

While DiscreteRelativity may contradict our classical ideas, it provides a common sense, comprehensible path toward QuantumRelativity.


This is a more exact interpretation of the WhitescarverModel.

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