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NOTE: This page was for the old PhpWikiDocumentation. Much of this has changed or no longer works. This page could do with a good rewrite. Currently, our best help file is located here

Are you new to WikiWorld? Need to find help on the basics? Well then, don't feel bad, just click WikiWorldVirtualClassroom.

Who'd have thought Help on WikiWorld would be found there? ;-)

'Quick Jumps'

'Note:' It's pretty long.

'Note:' Just in case you want to see what everyone is looking at.

  • To jump to a ramdom page of this Wiki, try: RandomPage

'Note:' Just in case you like having the full range of pages to look at.

'Note:' This is the documentation the people that made Wiki developed for Wiki users. Recommended browsing for current and future Wiki Power Users.

Gee wiz, I didn't know this wiki could do all that, cool, thanks. -- JimScarver - a wiki newbie

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