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To Govenor McGreevey

NJCST has done a magnificant job supporting research in New Jersey and making this almost a perfect place for innovating new business. I have seen the value of the program from both the academic side, as a researcher, and the business side and it is a great program all around.

The program should be extended to also support public research. This missing peice limits the value of the existing existing program where public results are often delayed for years and only then the periferal benifits are manifest.

A public research allocation, say 25% of the budget would do a lot to making New Jersey the best place to innovate.

Keep the commission on Science and Technology alive and give NJ the chance to lead in Technology. Building on the success of so many great projects should only lead to a successful program.

%%%To: jim@xanthus.net %%%Subject: NEW JERSEY TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVES - A CALL TO ACTION=== === %%%Importance: High

New Jersey Technology Executives - At 4:40, Thursday afternoon, the New Jersey Technology Council received information that the current draft of the New Jersey State Budget has no funds in the coming fiscal year to support the office and staff of the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology. This budget line equals $633,000. This budget is scheduled for a final vote on Friday, June 28th.

The New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology is dedicated to the enhancement of New Jersey's academic research capacity; the transfer of technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace; the encouragement of technology business development and the support of a technology literate workforce. In the more than fifteen years of the Commission's existence, their annual investments in NJ Technology and Science programs have generated three dollars in federal and industrial funding for every dollar they have invested. Their Technology Transfer and Commercialization Program has assisted over sixty companies to expand their operations in New Jersey.

To find out more about the Commission and their past success we encourage you to visit their website at <http://www.njcst.com/> We urge all of you to call or if necessary, e-mail your legislators, both in the State Senate and Assembly and the Governor immediately TODAY, otherwise the Commission will be forced to close their doors this coming Monday, July 1st.

A list of these leaders and their phone and e-mail addresses is available at <http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/>. Just click on Members and Find Your Legislator on the left side of the page. The Governor's phone number is 609-292-6000 or you can e-mail him by going to <http://www.state.nj.us/governor/govmail.html>. Thank you in advance for your help in keeping this vital state agency alive.

Subject: NJ Commission on Science and Technology Budget Reinstated %%%From: "Paul Frank @ NJTC" <pfrank@njtc.org> %%%Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 10:04:18 -0400

NJTC Members: Great News==== On Friday afternoon, the Governor's Office recognizing ==== the importance of the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology has committed to it's ongoing funding and operations. Thanks to the Governor, the legislature and the advocates to technology. And many thanks for all of your help in communicating the views neccesary to justify this valuable state organization.

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