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The discovery of vast amounts of frozen water on, or in the ground actually, mars is really exciting. It means that it is possible for mars to support human inhabitation.

Mars is very cold and its carbon dioxide atmosphere is thin. The concept of SolarCellFarms is ideal for developing the vast amounts of power required for electrolosis of water to make oxygen to breath. The heat of preduction can melt the water and keep us cozy. Hydrogen and carbondyoxide can make heat and carbohydrates for sustainance. Adding local mineral by products of silicon purification allows chemicals for agriculture and industry to be produced.

Enhabitation would be in underground, and underground green houses, exploting the space evacuated by underground water mining by melting.

I expected we would have colonies on mars InMyLifeTime, still hope we do. But humanity has largly abandonded the dream appearently since we are not doing it. --JimScarver

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