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WikiWorld has a rich history but has been inactive for many years. The next iteration of WikiWorld is being conceived as a byproduct of https://DigLife.com in https://DivvyDAO.org in cooperation with https://RChain.coop and others.

WikiWorld is a proposed FreeTrust pilot demonstrating the next generation internet where you are in control of your user interface, your personal information and are rewarded for your participation.

Visit http://FreeTrust.org (out of date)

WikiWorld aims to add value to FreeTrust with DApp collaboration tools capitalizing on Rholang social contracts for joint authoring (like fedwiki.org plus google docs), task management, task itegration and group decision support.

(out of date) WikiWorld is seeking funding with Proven Secure Solutions through NIST, DARPA, and is currently promoting the idea of a public sale of a Gold WikiSmile currency to fund development. Among the other uses, Gold WikiSmiles will be tradable for AMPs, an attention currency powering the network and rewarding participants.

Click for the newer temporary WikiWorld community development ==

Any groups sympathetic with the WikiWorld principles is welcome to participate with WikiWorld in the FreeTrust pilot.

The following is the currentarchectecture being promoted.

FreeTrust Solution Brief:

RChain next generation distributed and decentralized system platform with social networking that puts security, identity, and privacy management directly under the purview of the user which will be integrated with User Managed Authorization (UMA, gluu) in the national identity ecosystem and Block-chain identities

Formal social contracts in RChain based on the pi-calculus, particularly those related to information disclosure, which are enforced within the social networking environment, will be exported to UMA rules and block-chain identities, using smart contracts for social contract information when necessary for consensus or is the prefered interaction interface of the user. Trust circles are built from the bottom up to organization. Application to financial transactions will be demonstrated.

A maximum relative entropy inference engine, developed by PSS under DARPA funding, will be employed to quantify risk in the trust of identity, presence, security and privacy according to user constraints to aid the user in making intelligent privacy choices online.

The system will be designed to evolve to include other privacy enhancing mechanisms developed in the other technical areas of this program with economic scalability built in. All system components delivered will be user installable allowing decentralization down to the individual minimizing the target area, which may be replicated and protected by keys not stored locally and other privacy enhancements.

ProvenSecure is also developing concepts for entry systems, anonymous biometrics, multi-factor claim based authentication and risk mitigation analytics.

below this is the old WikiWorld.

Welcome web slingers !

WikiWorld as a trust network of those who adhere to our collective, ConsensusByDefault SocialContract. Email jimscarver@gmail.com with your desired screename if you wish to participate. Sorry for the inconvenience. WE will be instituting self registration in the future.

This is WikiWorld where WE can all create and modify webs. Login NOW! and WikiWiki!

Remember, YOU are WikiWorld.

WikiWorld is a place to synthesize our knowledge, connect ideas, and voice our thoughts.

New: Monetary Reform Act, Energy Policy, Science 2.0 and There is a trick behind quantum magic.

GoTakeAhike06 was a blast on the appleation trail in PA, between Wind Gap and the Delaware Water Gap, etc., not to mention SailAway06 and SailAway07

NEWS: The next Collective Intelligence chat is currently unscheduled. News will be available once WE identify intelligent life.

For the latest in ObjectiveInformationPhysics join http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/InfoPhysics


First time visitors, please sign your name in RecentVisitors so the WikiWorld community can give you a friendly shout out. See WikiWiki for more info.

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