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Manage anonomous and email aliases or

Enter a subject: add alias 'yourWikiName'

and you will then get email addressed to privately forwarded to your real email address. You will immediately get an email confirming your alias.

You can turn off any aliases you have added using the subject: delete alias

or use this link [delete alias] or [delete alias]

(all aliases you have added will be deleted, a final notification email is sent)

If you steal someone elses alias they will be notified that it was taken by email.

A list of taken aliases is at or

Why did I bother? Seemed like a good idea at the time, a step in delivering update notifications.... an ObjectWiki componant prototype.

What else might we ask our mailbot to do?

[add alias myWikiName] or [add alias myWikiName]

use your own wiki name, not "myWikiName"

Use [alias myWikiName] for an alias which ONLY gets spam. The sending smtp server will be blocked. Be certain the account will receive no solicited email. See SpamBlock.

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