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I am legend (in my mind)

I may be seriously delusional. Although I have explored the depth of my nothingness in the Zen discipline, I still see myself as accomplished far beyond my recognition. I suppose most people share this fate, more or less but as I am now known as a legend in my own mind at McGoverns, that should be the title of my autobiography.

Pessimists claim to be realists. I say they are victims of their future.

My dad taught me that the guy only willing to try 99 times could not succeed. To succeed you must take risks.

Optimists create their future. Being what we want to be, as much as we are capable, rather than being what we were. Positive thinking leads to pro-activity in our convolution of a future, not set in stone, but non-linear per NetworkTheory.

It has been said that some people see the glass half empty, some see it half full, Jim sees it flowing over the top. Indeed, it the distant future of our universe, it becomes a super fluid, and flows over the top

So, yeah, I'm a jerk. But in my own mind, I am many many things.

Tom Terrific

I am so terrific, its disgusting. He was a cartoon character on 50's TV. He figured out that the planet Munimula must be hollow since it is aluminum spelled backwards. But he and Zorro were two of my first role models. And we can't forget Mighty Mouse! "Here I come to save the day!". Occationally I do.

Let me start at the bottom.....forgive this work in progress...


I introduced myself to my wife Charlotte, "We have not been formally introduced. my name is Jim Whitescarver, IamAnAsshole".

I am an alien

I knew from an early age I was not like other people. People forgive me for being an asshole because I am so naive. What is simple to others, I don't get, and visa versa. I knew I must be from outer space or something, in any case I was not human. Most figure I must be a Vulcan, as my logic rules me like me hero, Mister Spock.

My parents sent me for counseling because I was so different. It took about four years to convince my analyst that I am really different than other people.

Zen Master

Being is. Om. The discipline brings understanding and power, not necessarily in that order. I experienced the undeniable power of mind and spirit.


I have restored objectivity to mathematics in the light of the undecidability implied by Godel in contradiction to Platonic logic.

Computer Scientist

Communications Scientist


Inventor of the World Wide Web

EIES Legacy

Political Scientist


The greatest dad

In many ways I was the worst dad ever. I did not get involved in my kids activities. They had to live through my growing up. But I always treated them as adults, and they are forever grateful. The greatest dad and mom were my own, and I am happy to pass it down in spite of myself. I was the lucky kid ever, my folks were great. My kids friends love me.... I have been so blessed.

My animals are my children and all the children in the world are my children. We are all connected in one big family, interdependently co-evolving.

Being a dad is not being above the child, it is being with them when you are with them.

Visionary Futurist

Dr. Doolittle

Yes, I talk with the animals and suffer from sloth.

Don Quixote

I'm a sort of pathetic but noble Don Quixote, knight of the Truth table. Loved but not liked. A lonely crusader for collaboration-- incapable.

Buckaroo Bonsai

Rock star, rocket scientist, race driver, martial arts master, crime fighter, you name it, I've been there, done that, in my own mind at least.

King of the Beach

Mind reader




Best igloo in Aspen



Sex god

Most don't consider me very sexy but as nature has arranged it somebody falls for everybody. For the most part I've been able to separate fantasy from reality, and "mind fuck" when actually fucking was inappropriate. Nothing is wrong with pornography or masturbation. It is used as a healthy outlet for potentially unhealthy animal desires. Vicarious experience of violence and sex should be used to appease these natural human desires to the exclusion of acting them out when inappropriate. Nothing exceeds a mental orgasm. "Safe" outlets have helped make me more of a man, a sex god, in my own mind. (just another smiling jerk off.)

King of my castle

A free AmericanVanguard living TheGoodLife.

Spam Avenger

see SpamBlock


On the one hand I speak for issues beyond CommonUnderstanding I stand for higher principles such as in the DiscussCandidates.

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