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KooMar's blah blah blah

Hi guys, just my first page. Let me see where this takes me.

Welcome KooMar! --JimScarver

Pull up a chair, sit down, and have some fun, KooMar! ---StarPilot

Welcome KooMar! There is a lot here so take your time and enjoy. I know I have over the past several weeks. If your new to the WikiConcept, it's quite an adjustment. At least it was for me. Have fun. --DavidSiegel Check out CategoryHomePage for an introduction to some of the WikiWorld users.

Day 1
Life Sucks

Day 2
Life is Wonderful

Day 3
Life Sucks

Day 4
Life is Wonderful

Sorry to hear your life sucked yesterday Koom. I thought we were having a fun party in the chat. Listening is hard sometimes, I did not feel the depth of your pain. We all have cycles of up and down which are necessary for growth. Sometimes it is painful but it is better that we grow. No pain, no gain.... May you feel well again this day.

One minute our life is roses, the next it is shit. The importantant thing to remember is that we can always build on our former knowledge and experience. The pruning and the growth are of equal value in our blooming. -- JimScarver

I wonder what would happen if you were to adopt a strategy of planning mission critical activities for even numbered days when possible. And planning healative (is that a word?) ones on odd numbered days.

Humm... Well, if you want roses, you need fertilizer. And if every day was perfect, life would get boring. You just want to aim to have more better days then worse days. Sometimes this is impossible. But life will not stay more down then up, unless you make it do so. Remember, the Universe is a ZeroSumGame, so it has to even out eventually, and there is no reason for it to not give you back the balance, unless you refuse to accept them back.---StarPilot

Jim, it's not that i didnt have a good time. I just go around in circles. One instant, i am happy, the next instant i am sad. I regret a lot. Sometimes, i regret for things that happened years ago. Sometimes, they are silly, but i regret them. Sometimes, i look around the uncertainty surrounding my life, trying to guess what it is going to be a month from now. I realize planning does not apply to life and mostly, i spend on contigencies.

Kumster's sanity break

begin mumbling

Use the hyperflex inferometer to destroy the particle in empty space as it passes through the vortex incombinator at warp speed.

end mumbling

I am such a failure compared to my high school classmate Steven Hou : http://www.mit.edu/people/shou/www/

i am settin up my page called Koomar Tries to Do QM, Koomar The Foolish Romantic, Koomar In Thought, Why KooMar has got bigger balls(metaphorically,ofcourse)?

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