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Do You Know What You Know?

A collection of data isn't information.
A collection of information isn't knowledge.
A collection of knowledge isn't wisdom.
A collection of wisdom isn't truth.
 --Neil Fleming, Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand

Knowledge is a body of information relative to related world models. Performance feedback can differentiate between elaborate nonsense and useful information models. Experiment feeds information and interpretation feeds knowledge.


(feedback paths not shown)

Information is IN the system, Knowledge is OF the system. Knowledge is not an island. We must, for example at some point, bridge the context of quantum mechanics to the context of general relativity, which each describe everything near perfectly in their own realm. The purpose of Science is to gain Knowledge. Complete knowledge must bridge the realms of understanding and ultimately be Holistic.

See Truth, ClassicalLogic, InformationPhysics, StatisticalThinking, CollaborativeWebObjects, ObjectWiki, Knowledge Management Wiki and the SemanticWeb, InformationCenter.

KmWiki:StealthKnowledgeManagement is a cool idea. Knowledge management should be largely transparent to the information system user.

Hopefully someone will get a RoundToit and start a KnowledgeUnmanagement topic, see

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