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My interests are sort of being compiled/collected on my del.icio.us pages and on stumbleupon... two good examples of SocialSoftware.

Currently working as a software developer for a small company in Johannesburg, South Africa. Have worked on several WikidPad plugins, including a few for GettingThingsDone, and for using the TagMetaphor? within the wiki, and CombiningTagsAndCategories?

I like working in C# and in Java, and now spending a lot of my time with Python.

Current Projects:

  • a UniversalTagBrowser? .. to access all my Tags across several apps and services in one place.
  • Plugins and customizations of wikidPad
  • a SokobanPuzzleGenerator using EvolutionaryAlgorithms to select for small, hard puzzles.
  • and other, much less interesting things necessary to pay for survival ..

Other Spaces:

Other things I'm inclined to make a noise about at the moment:


choice movies:

  • The Big Labowski
  • The Man Of La Mancha
  • The Cradle will Rock
  • Man on the Moon
  • O' Brother where art thou
  • Love's a Bitch
  • Dancer in the Dark


Leave a note here if you want to say something to me...

Links used here in WikiWorld:

"Now the wind from above rules, but the wind from below is coming..."

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