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Here is an intelligent and competent reseasercher who's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) complells him to fix spelling errors whenever he encounturs them.

He is a WikiElf -- the shoemaker

Hey, what a guy, comes for a visit and cleans your house!

Must be nice to know you leave the WikiWorld a nicer place than when you found it. Thanks. -- JimScarver

He also is adept at bilocation existing simultaneously here and on http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?JamesCrook

There are HuntersAndFarmers, together they make TheGoodLife for all of us. I think you are a farmer and I am a hunter. -- JimScarver

I disagree quite stongly. I may seem like a farmer to you, but am more interested in teraforming than in farming. My focus is self-sustaining systems, not ones that requires constant work - as farming does. I do though strongly believe the farmer principle 'LeaveTheLandBetterThanYouFoundIt'.

And you Jim are not a hunter. Where are your razor sharp teeth and cutting claws?

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