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This wiki supports InterWiki links in a style copied from UseMod: wiki. Links to pages in other wikis can be made without having to know or type the full URLs, for example: MeatBall:InterWiki will link to the page named "~InterWiki" at Meatball wiki.

The ~InterWiki map is taken from the the
 block in [[InterWikiMap]], but that page must be locked for it to work. This denies a potential hacker the ability to nefariously change every ~InterWiki link to point to some evil URL. If no map is found in [[InterWikiMap]] (or the page is not locked), [[PhpWiki]] will fall back to using the file lib/ in your phpwiki distribution. The ~InterWiki map file in use at [[PhpWiki]]: can be viewed at [].

The map file is manually updated. It is based upon and periodically synchronized with [[|]] but it is not quite identical. One notable difference from [[UseMod: [[UseMod]]'s [[InterMap]]]] is that [[PhpWiki]] supports '%s' within the URLs in the map--see the entry for RFC for an example of how this works.

Not all of the entries in the [[InterWikiMap]] are actual wikis. For example, these are just regular web sites: Dictionary:fungible, [[JargonFile:Alderson loop]], [[IMDB:Roman Holiday]], RFC:2822, and ISBN:020171499X.

The "Category" moniker is a special entry which allows one to link a wiki page to a Category page without creating a back-reference. Thus Category:Category links to the [[CategoryCategory]] page, yet this page won't show up in the back-links listing of [[CategoryCategory]].

The term "InterWiki" also refers to a broader concept. See [[PhpWiki]]:InterWikiSearch for more links.
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