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As a child of the 50's I expected a lot in my lifetime. It was an optimistic time that built the interstate hyway system and sent men to the moon. As a computer scientist I anticipated the demize of the traditional classroom and that robots would be our slaves and make us all rich in my lifetime. It seems a little silly now to have such optimizm when everyone, it seems, has decided that the dreams of the fifties were a delision not really attainable.

And nobody with great vistion of the future of humanity is running for political office these days.

I was recently asked what I expected that has not come to fruition, and I faultered and could not enumerate them. Before I become just a pattern in the realm of memes, or lose my memories totally, I will catalog them here...

-- JimScarver 11:27, 23 September 2006 (EDT)

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