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To invoke ImportLaw is to propose to import an existing Legal Document (with appropriate modifications) from what the proposer considers to be best practise of the originating geographical state.

Once it is voted in AnewGoCongress it can assume AnewGoLaw. It is the AnewGoImportLawAct

(Votes: For: AnewGo 2003-5-11, KenSchry 2003-5-11. Against: BayleShanks 2003-5-19, StarPilot 2003-05-20)

  • So, most likely you mean we'll be adopting parts of the American constitution and other countries laws, and implemant them to ours?

Comments: First, it should be AnewGoImportAct. There is no need to have the word LAW in the title. Especially when all laws can be objected to, and sent to AnewGoCourt for an examination, discussion, and community ruling.

I'm not so sure about the American Consistution, I have not seen many redeeming features there. but if we find a good practise, yes lets consider it's inclusion with appropriate modifications.

Why does this need to be voted on? All we are saying is that we are allowed to adopt other States' laws verbatim. There is nothing to prevent us from doing so without this, right?

I voted against because I think this law is unnecessary.

Humm... Are you so strongly against this issue you are going to bring it up in AnewGoCourt if this this passes? (Current count is 2 for, 1 against. Simple Majority has it still 'passing') Or are you going to abide by the group vote, however it goes?

Although, now that you mention it, why would AnewGoGovernment need this? An AnewGoCitizen could merely copy the law from wherever it was, verbatim, and propose it to AnewGoCongress. So... Let's tie that vote, changing it to 2 For, 2 Against. It is unnecessary.


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