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The structure of matter, as modeled in InformationPhysics, is constrained logically, not physically.

Nature is most easily understood as BinaryDifferentials. A binary differential is the minimal differentiation from nothingness. It acts to undo itself. Each bit of change manifests opposite change, osscolating forever. Every Bit of information is potentially independent, manifesting its own binary dimension, or a universe of practically infinite dimension.

Two independent binary differentials define the four corners a tetrahedron. It is not an ordinary tetrahedron, however, as it is composed of only right angles. Independent variables only define right angles. Three binary differentials define a hyper tetrahedron, which turns out to be the basic structure of the hydrogen atom as the simplest stucture having an extra internal dimension and a representation of a four dimensional state space.


Above is Greg's first attempt at rendition. This is close, but the electron has two dimensions not one.

With the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA, I was contemplating how the neucleatides conspired with a twist to make a stable DNA latter. It occurred to me there is a parallel with the structure of matter.

I now see the dynamics of hydrogen atom's hypertetrahedral as a double hyper helix. it is not a single stairway twisting into a fourth dimension, it is a double stairway twisting to the left into one hidden dimension, and to the right into another. Thought they can interact we cannot observe those secrete interactions. State changes twist in and twist out of this little knot in space time (state change) information.

If we combine a left helix, //, and a right helix //, we get a basic picture.

3D outside XXXX 2D inside

showing two hanging differentials on the outside (left end) manifesting an electron, helical twisting in opposite directions two half differentials hanging on the inside.

State changes always try to go to zero. But by a trick of time they are always too late. They neutralize the ghosts (virtual particles) of past changes creating the future.

 +   ||       propagating virtual state changes of binary dimensions
  -  ||
   + ||       + - + - + - ...
     || charge
- + XXXX----
   /  || spin
  / + ||       + -
 / -  ||
/ +   ||

Two dimensional signals (state change propagations) across time (a 3rd) manifest three external dimensions logically and physically.

Internal propagations are isolated in two logical dimensions.  We would expect the internal and external event clocks to be interacting at the same rate.  This corresponds to the entanglement of the external electron and internal positron.

It has not escaped my notice that getting information in or out of this structure requires a state change in three dimensions.  This insures a stable structure on the independent inner and outer worlds of the atom in the world of two dimensional electro-magnetic information signals.


See [[ManifestDestiny]], [[ExperienceModel]], [[BinaryDifferentials]], [[InformationPhysics]], [[InformationUniverse]]
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