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We know a fair amount about how the brain work dispite the fact we are just beginning to decode the thousands of chemical messages conveyed by a targeted zip code like system throughout our organism.

Neurons may have thousands of synaptic connections to other neurons and parts of the body. In addition to constant chemical communication neurons are "programmed" to recognize patterns of feedback that reenforsed or dampen the neurons trigger to "fire" an electical jolt over its entire extent signaling all listening connections which control some part of the body or reenforsed or dampen some other neurons.

This process makes the brain a powerful problem solver which can handel non-linear problems.

The part responsible for fear, for example, is tiny, but it connects to the entire brain, when a pattern similar to one that preceded mental or physical pain in the past, it fires signaling thousands of neurons including those that cause the production of adrenelin, which notifies the entire body initiating the fight or flight reaction until the watcher of fullfulment triggers the release of endorphins.

Recognising a pattern fires one neuron, that may trigger others, and so on creating an avalanch of firings cooresponding to a flash of inspiration.

See Consciousness, HumanNature

Learned information is not intelligence. But I contend, intelligence is learned. Genetics is a powerful way this learning is propogated. Innate and LearnedIntelligence are possible because intelligences are programs not data, but program can also be communicated. Intelligence is ultimately software, not hardware, with genes serving to make them instinctive. -- JimScarver

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