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We often forget we are animals....

See HumanBeing, DumbAnimals, Consciousness, EvolutionaryGameTheory

We are large apes.

Compared to other apes we alone exhibit a predominance of beta brain waves, 15-30 cycles per second. We also think on sonic/verbal frequencies to a much greater degree. We are effective audio mimmickers/repeaters in addition to monkey see monkey do.

We exhibit strong TribalInstinct.

We each create our own universe in our own LightCones in a CollaborativeExistance.

We are powerless to accomplish what we want without the aid of others. Yet, by our small local pertibations we have great global impact according to NetworkTheory.

What we think we know, we don't know. -- Socrates {Truth is not absolute.)

We can all say IamAnAsshole and IamGod.

We exhibit HumanNature.

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